Herbs on Fire

11/09/2020 13:42

$IBIO when will you realize the CEO of this company can't f****** stand you guys maybe you shouldn't have went on that Texas A&M call started acting like children making f****** fart sounds and shit he's determined to drive all you idiots out. he will not let you idiots make money we're just waiting for you guys to lose faith in cell meanwhile I'm going to keep scalping this thing every day for thousands of dollars from your bank account to mine thanks guys
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G.p***com11/09/2020 14:27
And i thought the comments on their facebook page were embrrassing enough. damn


drewskitrades11/09/2020 14:05
There are way better stocks to be making much more money on than wasting time with this

Herbs on Fire11/09/2020 14:13



zay***com11/09/2020 14:02
wow that is embarrassing. but thats this day and age unfortunately i guess if enough young dumb retail holders get in. your right though maybe theyre bouncing them out

Herbs on Fire11/09/2020 14:11

should climb all week really


Well Bye11/09/2020 13:48
What call are you talking about?

Herbs on Fire11/09/2020 13:54

Texas A&M held a conference call about their cdmo facility and a bunch of ibio stock holders somehow got on the zoom call and just bombed the whole thing screaming their stupid hundred $25 price targets farting into the mics all sorts of s***


zay***com11/09/2020 13:46
were people really acting up and stuff? i didnt listen but wow

Well Bye11/09/2020 13:49

When was this?

Herbs on Fire11/09/2020 13:47

it was embarrassing and a reminder of how many idiots hold the stock


Herbs on Fire11/09/2020 13:44

Herbs on Fire11/09/2020 14:12

hell yeah ty bro. and i love all my haters they really make my day so much brighter πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ™‚

Dante&Monkey11/09/2020 13:55

Too many people hate on you Herb because you tell it like it is. Nice gains right there though πŸ‘Œ


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