09/05/2020 03:28

$Ideanomics Inc alf makes 500k now with the raise he just got, Yall think a company going toward bankruptcy would pay this out? nahhhh i know a company wIth a great base and huge growth potential would tho. if you arent buying because your scared that it went from $4- $1.10.... well Ur dumb asf cause its up 200% this year already, remnber its a penny stock. Penny stocks evolve into big tickets, this is one of those companies your gonna wish you didnt buy more on, suckas imma take all thE cheap shares i can GET.
Ideanomics Inc-0
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All Comments(7)

Okie09/05/2020 12:34
yes companies pay salaries and bonuses when going Bankrupt

678****11009/05/2020 15:02



Gio09/05/2020 12:31
I cant even read that šŸ˜‚


twi***com09/05/2020 05:43
i agree, Idex is a sleeper ready to roll soon. I think a lot of people will be surprised


SchwinngAndMiss09/05/2020 05:35
Raises don't go for good looks unless he is a stripper lol. The company must be seeing some sort of value here to do that.


Anonymous09/05/2020 03:48
I would say this will hit 100+ within the next year or two

ksh***com09/05/2020 03:59

I think that is very optimistic but I do see middle road double digits

JCT199709/05/2020 03:49

With the way EV sector is going and those gov contracts and cchinas ablity to fast track growth, no doubt bro


Anonymous09/05/2020 03:30
Triple digits stock

Hammbone09/05/2020 03:51

Yes and it's just now starting. The foundation is set and we're going to start rolling in some income. Global company that does it all. 2021 2022 to 2025 may even be trading above a 1,000. I know what I hold and I'm not selling till I'm a millionaire. I dont care how long it takes my shares will be there till then or till this reaches 0 but that's not going to happen. patients my friend. let them all laugh now and we will laugh to the bank....

JCT199709/05/2020 03:32

100% anyone doubting hasnt done nearly enough research or have that experience in these thingd


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