11/27/2020 22:16

$Ideanomics Inc GAME OVER
Ideanomics Inc-0
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fox***com11/27/2020 23:53
I remember when they did the same at 3.35 and they got wrecked


r winner11/27/2020 23:29
so IDEX has raised 63 million us dollars(35 + 28)


SpecialAgent202011/27/2020 23:22
Awesome work Detective Kelso!

Kelso11/28/2020 01:47



678****11011/27/2020 23:05
what in the holy shit?


tim***com11/27/2020 22:58
@Kelso link?


azc***com11/27/2020 22:46
2.26 not 2.62 no?

twi***com11/27/2020 23:14

read whole article, then answer your own question smh


Daku11/27/2020 22:26
Some big PR they gonna throw. MMW plant im guessing. Buckle up guys time for moon. i still didnt sold any when it spiked last time. will average up monday 4am

Justin11/27/2020 22:33

Same. I tried to deposit more money today, but it wouldnt update.


ale***com11/27/2020 22:22
I'm new to trading. So this isn't an offering at $2.26?

r winner11/27/2020 23:33

on nov 24, 12.5 million shares were sold for 2.26 each and on Nov 25, 13,333,333 shares were sold for 2.62 each. add the two, IDEX raised 63 million us dollars

Kelso11/27/2020 22:23

Nope and it was 2.62..


Daku11/27/2020 22:20
Shorts are focked

Kelso11/27/2020 22:23

Yes they are 😂


🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳11/27/2020 22:17

Justin11/27/2020 22:21

It means something big is coming. My guess is the MMW start up in North America. Probably have an aNnouncement about an assembly plant somewhere.


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