01/08/2021 19:34

$Ideanomics Inc Its going down after hours. Its a emoty stock designed By WWF wrestling hustler shane Mcmahon and its a huge ploy for cash. They buy crap holdings and tell retail investors, so as to steal their money.

Dont believe me, see how much theybare invested in their own company NopE, just a middleman operation with O lega to keep steady on.

This will never last as a long term success stock because its got no edge, just a lousy idea thats not needed.

Tesla doesnt need idex to sell cars to corporate Clients. Only a scam artist can convince you of that.

Its all a scam, just like the tractor they converted to electric and pretend its some sorta game changer. MAYBE, but they dont know much about it or do much about it.

I heard their old converted tractor 🚜 doesnt have the power capabilities to do farm work without cooking the wires

Tgis is a hype stock built on greedy founder whos not invested and a bunch of early .10 cent investors hoping to get rich buy shoving it on your lap!

Trust me, its going beliw 2 bucks anf then back to sub dollar range. They are fake. sadly.

I was sold on it till i dug deeper.

So, wanna make money, sell the stock and buy puts
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Chauncy01/08/2021 19:46
this nerd doesnt have shit

just a broke troll with. nothing to do😂


Pentax01/08/2021 19:46
These smart money disagree with you today 🤡


IDEXBULL🚀01/08/2021 19:45
He looks like a cock🤡


sun***com01/08/2021 19:43
This short spinning worse than Trump.


wal***net01/08/2021 19:41
FullSend I am thinking this dude bought in and sold too early at a loss and now it's doing what we all knew it would do, grow. nothing but sour grapes here 😂😂😂

FullSend01/08/2021 20:04

Perhaps youre right. ive seen it a bunch. like vlad and carbon. selling at losses. shorting the stock afterwards and getting butned again. Im enjoying this ride though, up pretty nice and only going to continue going upwards as i continue holding for years to come


Moe Monopoly01/08/2021 19:41
his fckin hair 🤣🤣 🤡🤡


Murphy01/08/2021 19:39
You really typed that whole thing out huh? Lol damn dude


cake.fresco01/08/2021 19:38
Wow man, you really put time and thought into that Bible of a post. Do the same for your hair and you'll be set!


FullSend01/08/2021 19:37
Ive been trading this stock over a year and you have no idea. None. Hope you lose money on your puts.

FullSend01/08/2021 20:00

The list of good is endless and only growing. i dont think its worth shorting until we get a huge spike up. Support is building nice and i dont think its going to go as low as people insist, time and time again.

FullSend01/08/2021 19:58

Plenty of strong acquisitions were made, they have quite a few partnerships/ownerships as well. Almost no debt, in between 200-300 mill cash on hand. Akready proved their business model with MEG is profitable with q over q growth.

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