01/09/2021 22:32

$Ideanomics Inc Does anyone else feel Alf should have spent his 15 minutes addressing where the vehicles are and what is going on? This is what I believe is going to raise the stock price if only temporarily. IDEX only told us the money will be in everything else; Ok, no problem i’ll understand revenue is from the other areas not the vehicles but understand IDEX we have invested our savings into this future power house of a company mostly because of the vehicle side (for me anyway) and I feel they are letting us down. 3 online pumps and still not the news I think we all are waiting for.. What is the status of the vehicles? Why is IDEX not letting this stock get to where we all believe it should be? I know the market suspends if it jumps too much and comapanies on the exchange have rules to follow but IDEX is not “playing fair” at this moment. This is wallstreet people make and lose but it is NOT supposed to be manipulated from within.
Thoughts please?
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Man***com01/10/2021 07:32
share price is up 200% last 3 months what are u talking about. 😂


Sam01/09/2021 23:25
I share the same sentiment. My thoughts on the matter: the release of the vehicles is overhyped. Yes it will probably raise the stock price, but it is only but one small step towards the company’s growth. Once the EVs are released, they’ll need orders to create demand, then prove they are viable replacement for the gasoline-fueled counterparts (functional resIlience, battery life) in order to create further demand. I don’t know much about the commercial EV market, but it certainly may be a different audience compared to the average consumer who shops for an electric sedan or SUV where Tesla seems to have covered very nicely.

Hope that helps. Keep the faith man. With luck and patience, MMW trucks will dominate the commercial industry, MEG will be a powerhouse global EV provider, and Solectrac/Treelektrik will dominate their respective areas.

Sam01/10/2021 02:57

You’re right. Most hype is really just hot air anyways, considering good news can occur almost overnight. Maybe count it as a sign of naivete, there was that bust when IDEX bought property in West Hartford for FinTech which ultimately went nowhere and now they’re trying to sell. No one’s perfect, but I’m hoping the news proves my skepticism wrong

#WALLSTREETCOBRA01/09/2021 23:37

I hear you I just don’t feel it is fair to lead people on. Vehicles are already in NA I believe that honesty and love the dream of us all earning huge in IDEX but stick to your word and tell us what is going on or you shouldn’t have hyped is on this misinformation to start with. I didn’t hear hype about the other acquisitions just boom oh IDEX bought another company...?

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Arod01/09/2021 22:47
Bro you are inpatiently jumping the gun... let them Run the show. You did your part by investing and now its time to sit wait and earn money. Im ready for that release just as all IDEX investors are, We know the reaction will be bullish. Patience is a virtue.

586****03601/10/2021 16:05

Maybe you should find a different company to invest in if you’re a non-believer, the only reason it is so low is because of what you just said, we are investing in them because we believe in them, you obviously don’t so just sell and move on, ill pick up the shares off you

Man***com01/10/2021 07:35

if uve held for at least 4 months u should be up 200% unless ur bag holding for chasing the hype 😂

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John Leighow (Tagban)01/09/2021 22:38
15 mins of what?? the conference yesterday? that had a topic, I doubt it was just self promotion.


#WALLSTREETCOBRA01/09/2021 22:36
Let the price reflect where it truly should be...?


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