01/11/2021 16:50

$Ideanomics Inc Ha, people are realizing im right! They are saving themselves! They are dropping this fraud. Are you?

From 3.08 to 1.90 is a difference of 1.18. Lets say you have 5000 shares, that becaome a real world loss of 5900.00 because you were being greedy. Try to save that money!

Get out now and be wiser. This stock is a fraud!
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FullSend01/11/2021 17:12
Not selling my shares nor my calls, only accumulating on dips, except maybe the one for next month, however, im averaged out at 1.30 after averaging up more. One short doesnt scare me. i know im holding onto a gold mine. Those who doubt will miss out on gains. ill hedge after we get a real surge upwards on a pr.

FullSend01/11/2021 17:18

Not selling at all. most my call options are for 2022/23. my average share cost is 1.30. i started my long position at .84. j know what i hold. im down 150 today, thats nothing. especially for a stock that is 8% of my portfolio. good luck on your puts but this isnt dropping like you anticipate.

klt***com01/11/2021 17:15

Ur down today Dont be greedy, sell before u lose everything ! Urs are down, cause mine are up puts!!!


Slip Shot01/11/2021 17:00
just remember one thing for sure and two things for certain...you will never find a corner inside of a circle no matter how hard you try

klt***com01/11/2021 17:16



It's Not A Game01/11/2021 16:56
never believe in anyone that doesn't believe in themselves...if he cant show you numbers which he wont, then he is only here to trick you out of your numbers...Cobra Kai vs Miyagi-Do haha

#WALLSTREETCOBRA01/11/2021 17:06

Your sounding desperate

klt***com01/11/2021 17:03

And ur losing money Dont be prideful and broke. Be humble and smart

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Lester01/11/2021 16:56
Okay soy boy. Do you post every hour? Are you losing on your puts :,)

klt***com01/11/2021 17:13

Yea i have a program that posts every 10 minutes, preloaded, based on stock movement Im consistent Every person needs to be warned Pass on the warning! God bless!


Slip Shot01/11/2021 16:53
let's see those puts you have 😉😂😂😂

#WALLSTREETCOBRA01/11/2021 17:07

Show it or shut up

Slip Shot01/11/2021 16:59


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Poljangus01/11/2021 16:53
someone mad cause they hopped in on the rip lmao


IDEXBULL🚀01/11/2021 16:52
Says the guy with 1 follower😂🤣🤡🤦‍♂️


StockyBull01/11/2021 16:52
ya ok😂🤣🤣


sdeshwjack!01/11/2021 16:52
congrats on having the most useless post ive almost ever seen lmao wow hahahhaa


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