01/11/2021 20:08

$Ideanomics Inc I pray u can hear me I been giving so many warnings about the fraud In IDEX And folKs, do ur own DD, but this stock is a con job and thats just the way i feel ABOUT IT SEEING SO MANY HURT BY IT! I hate to see u lose ur money on it!

Get puts Thats the honest bet here If this stock was good, then the honest bet would be to
Hold it or even do calls! Buts its not

$KeithLandi Cashapp
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DIAMONDHANDS01/11/2021 20:35
Super troll you can feel any way you want but until you know what I know you can just run your mouth about trying to short the stock and I can feel happy when you get squeezed please hang in there and make me some more money getting squeezed


Rip.usd01/11/2021 20:18
Well sir, present your case


Mr. Moose01/11/2021 20:15
dude is a troll

klt***com01/11/2021 21:10

That’s awful to say


GorillaBull🦍🦬01/11/2021 20:11
What about the news of all the companies they've m Merged o or bought recently


Mal***com01/11/2021 20:11
if it was fraud why are you basically begging in the comments for people to sell? could it perhaps be because you have puts?


humbled trader01/11/2021 20:10
please tell me what is it that makes them a fraud.


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