01/12/2021 19:09

$Ideanomics Inc Who would pay me to stay away from this stock in the last couple of hours in the trading day? How about you each send me 20 bucks which will add up to a couple hindred bucks for me to stay away?

Any takers?

Gish this stock sucKs so much Only cause its a fraud. I Figure the corrupt love to make deals

$KeithLandi Ok Lets do this!
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Razor01/12/2021 19:25
He has one follower Even if i were insider tradin right now u dont have the volume to crush this stock with a post 😂


bmi***com01/12/2021 19:19
vlad , Valdes, is that you ? No , no my bad its carbon ..wait, wait no it's not. it's just another 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


klt***com01/12/2021 19:17
Ok i got two dinations of 20, but thats not enough, it needs to go to 200 at least or no deal and ill refund your money. Keep trying! I think we’ll get there!


klt***com01/12/2021 19:16
Hello, we better do better than this or Im gonna start telling the truth about thisnstock! Then what? It will flop! You know how that does!


EbolaRiddenTaint01/12/2021 19:14
Now youre asking for monry you are PATHETIC


Moonwalker01/12/2021 19:13
Or you can just be blocked..


KenboSlice01/12/2021 19:12
kenbo was better

BullBellBaby01/12/2021 19:13

Agreed. At least he gave out recommendations, like buying Ford.


Slip Shot01/12/2021 19:12


Slip Shot01/12/2021 19:12


PennyKing01/12/2021 19:11
you look like a bootleg Logan Paul


678****11001/12/2021 19:10


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