01/13/2021 10:57

$Aprea Therapeutics Inc Its happening! Get ready for a crazy run! 🚨🚨🚨🚨

I am predicting 10+ than 15+ in 1-3 weeks! This stock checks all the MACD RSI boxes. Follow me for more updates.

Strong financials to last for years to come. The market cap now is close to the company's cash!! That's insane!

They have a suite of products in development. So excited to ride with y'all! let's go BULLS!

$Bionano Genomics $BIONANO GENOMICS $Ideanomics Inc $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC.
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All Comments(6)

Cam***com01/22/2021 03:04
Glad to be on this ride.


ONYX01/13/2021 18:19


DavidTalksStocks01/13/2021 11:57
I started buying this on Dec 28th and Jan 7th and started my alerts.

@Stockdata.webull@gmail started alerting this on Jan 8th.

So for those of you "noobs" calling me out that I'm copying stockdata you are CLEARLY misinformed. I am not here to compete with stockdata, in fact quite the opposite I love what he's doing and we are on the same team to help the over all community. I love the fact that when I have a pick and Stockdata sees the same, it reaffirms my call and gives me more confidence.

And it's great that we overlook eachothers calls and analysis, this is GREAT for the overall good of the community. I actually don't agree with all his picks after I do my own DD, and he's not 100% with his picks either he will tell you that. I also find picks that he doesn't and it's great for his knowledge to agree or not but when we both agree on the same pick, it's gold! I appreciate you @Stockdata.webull@gmail 100% someone to follow for sure.

Last point is there's no need to make this a religion and make stock data your god, or anyone for that matter. We are all here to help eachother out!


kie***com01/13/2021 11:06
@Stockdata.webull@gmail this is the guy .

DavidTalksStocks01/13/2021 11:09

we on the same team and it's good we cross check each other's picks , I've picked similar stocks days before Data calls em, like FuboTv i called it at 23 and he called it days after. Doesn't matter because it's super reaffirming when data is on the same page :)


kie***com01/13/2021 11:06
Dude you taking this off stock data. All your comments and stocks are in his list. Stop tryin to act like you know something

DavidTalksStocks01/13/2021 11:50

thanks Ryan

DavidTalksStocks01/13/2021 11:50

btw. here's proof I actually called Aprea before stockdata. I called this since Dec 28th, data started to promote this in January 8th. So before you go religious on me and act like stockdata is your god and make unnecessary comments like this do your DD man. I don't care if I called it before stockdata or not, that doesn't matter. If he agrees with my picks then we all win as a community that's what it's about. so don't misunderstand the point

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SwingTrades01/13/2021 11:03
Nobody gives afuck noob

DavidTalksStocks01/13/2021 11:07

everything ok at home man? Spitting toxic hate is a clear indication something is wrong inside. I sympathize for ya bro. Hope things get better.


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