02/18/2021 22:47

$Castor Maritime Inc $$Ideanomics Inc

Hello Everyone

You are welcome to give me suggestions, I have only been trading for less than a year.

My account right now is above 25k and I don't want to run the risk to lose a lot and go below that and then have an EM call. I was thinking to remove the money and start again with my inital investment of 3k and work my way up again so I don't lose all my profits. By removing the money I will be on a EM call but I will be changing my account from Margin to Cash so this doesn't happen again.

am I doing a good decision here? should I keep the gains and continue the risk like YOLO?

I don't know if I make any sense here 🤯😒😫
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Jason02/18/2021 23:17
I'd keep it all invested, find something you really like, get in on a really good dip and swing trade for a 10 to 20% profit, then wait for it to dip again, if it doesn't find another good investment and repeat.


ASH88802/18/2021 23:10
If you start with a 3K cash account, its like starting with handcuffs on. Waiting 3 days for your money to clear will become a hinderence unless you have more capital to work with. Unless you are willing to go super long, and if you do, why scale it down when you are making good market decisions. YOU COULD TAKE YOUR ORIGINAL 3K! Or 6 for that matter. 25K in your account allows days trading so you could use that to your advantage! GL! 🚀📈👍

Sayda02/19/2021 23:43

thank you for this. I didn't know about this


MaggiesHere_02/18/2021 23:01
Looks like you should be giving me advice! i would take half plus your initial 3k out. So stay with 10k. There are simulated and papertradI ng sections that allow you to see where you could have lost or gained after time if you arent confident in your ability yet. Personally i have impulse issues so before i move in haste I see how my papertrade goes before I put down over 1k on any stock( or sell) Maybe im a bit too cautious but DD isnt enough for me because articles, comments and opinions also make the market volatile. IVe seen good earnings, excellent investment go down because of one bad article of mass influence.


Don Boss02/18/2021 22:59
Invest in stocks like this one but day trade high cap stocks is the safest route to go. High important stocks like $TESLA $Apple $Amazon.com etc with leverage with an account as of yours youll bring in 600-800 daily the first 10 minutes of market open is the best time to get in & get out. study price action of the stock you won’t loose. but even if u do and don’t wanna take a red day most the time u can swing for a day or two it will bounce back to that price if you didn’t but in too high. You’re a pRofessional in the making so im sure youll study price action.


Miko02/18/2021 22:52
Dont forget you’d have to file taxes for any capital gains you’ve made on those previous investments next year after you’ve sold. Def something to consider

Sayda02/18/2021 22:53

yes, I have already print out the form and see my accountant. it will be my first time


Stockorgy02/18/2021 22:51
YOLO!!! I started with $8k in april and I am now at $210k More you ise more you get. I will be moving $100k to my savings and build again

Sayda02/18/2021 23:05

I get itchy and want to buy more stocks and I don't want to lose what I made

g0rdy02/18/2021 22:59

savings is good sleeper interest

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eri***com02/18/2021 22:51
keep your money in your account just don't invest it. that way you can still do day trades but you won't have to worry about losing money. for example, sell on a good bump and secure your 25k. leave it in cash balence...then just only use 3k. make sense?


Justin Webb02/18/2021 22:51
I would stay in till compliance


FUND-A-LINGUS02/18/2021 22:50
Be wary asking for advice here. that's the best advice i can give

Sayda02/18/2021 22:53



Andris02/18/2021 22:49
Its always best way to start low and build it up. You can keep the 25k in the account but only traid with 1-3k that my opinion

Sayda02/18/2021 23:03

thank you


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