02/23/2021 19:24

$Ideanomics Inc I know where the end game for this is and its ugly for most. The only ones making out are the ones you see speaking up about how great it is. They do that because they are the pumpers. They are all so the jumpers. The bag holders are those who are quiet and listen and think they’re making a prudent decision based on other people who care about them. They don’t care about you it’s all a big lie they only care about their greed.
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All Comments(7)

Kev0902/23/2021 20:02
Bro this is the dumbest shit ive seen all day either learn the market or get out, This post screams white liberal

352****96702/23/2021 20:10

The truth hurts you


Lks***com02/23/2021 19:59
Obviously convincing the weak hands to sell so you profit off your puts. You got caught πŸ˜‚

352****96702/23/2021 20:10

I dont have puts here. Im speaking the truth

Team Honda02/23/2021 20:03

Wow what a clown he caughtnred handed. btwer close out before he lose his green


LaCigarra02/23/2021 19:56
I cringed so hard at this

352****96702/23/2021 20:12

I agree, your truth you made for yourself, is rather VERY CRINGE WORTHY!


Taurus02/23/2021 19:54


dma***com02/23/2021 19:28
boy shut the hell up with your nonsense


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