01/11/2021 15:54

$Imara Inc ✌My top selection in the list. It is at the loading zone where you can buy for a long swing. I bought at $13.05 on Friday when I sent the alert, it is now at 13.40 

Key levels to watch 14.5 then it may gap up to 17.98 with a technical bounce.  
It had a great catalyst with Arix Bioscience buying 6% of the company on on Friday after hours
I see instant and gradual uptrend in this ticker, buy if it dips and hold for few weeks, expect 20-40%+ 

1- Short interest is high at 25% and also naked-short reached extremely high at 95% last week. They will cover it soon and bring the price at least to 17 dollars zone! 
2- The projected price tag on this ticker is $30-59 thats like 150%+ in return
3- Seek alpha consider it as a buy opportunity too! 
Imara Inc-0
Imara Inc-1
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All Comments(4)

Jam Paul01/11/2021 17:57
for you netter AIM or IMRA to win

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 17:59

maybe both more imra at the right entry , it all depends on where you are at , im at 13.03 so if it was today in red in still fine

Jam Paul01/11/2021 17:58

better sorry AIM or IMRA


msc***com01/11/2021 17:56
SD, imra at $14.30, not $13.40. I have no more bullets to get in this one. GL all

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 17:57

good luck , always load incrementally, I think its a good price when you will look at it in few days ;) its like 13.4 on Friday, it was relatively high


Jam Paul01/11/2021 17:55
i bought AIM at $2 , sell that one o hold it, youbsaid maybe will go to 8 or more?

Jam Paul01/11/2021 17:57

for you netter AIM or IMRA to win

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 17:56

diversify dude , keep some wait for a dip and then buy , see a great opportunity to buy my selection is for 1-3 weeks , it happened that they doing good today but give it some time , and always lock profits ;]


ach***com01/11/2021 17:48
Seek alpha consider it as a buy opportunity too! -- what does that mean?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 17:49

read their article, last few paraphraphs , I included it in another post


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