05/27/2020 01:34

$Inseego Crammer said to get rid of inseego is that a good play here?
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Blum05/27/2020 09:28
I honEstly dont know much about inseego and dont have much invested in it i bought it on weakness after the last rally so far its been smart but i dont know If it has legs

James King05/27/2020 14:24



1ro***com05/27/2020 07:49
Crammer didnt even know who or what inseego is . I saw one of his show over amonth or 2 ago and a caller call and ask for advice about inseego. he has no clue he said dont know. so I am keeping inseego I got 6k into it. he always recommends some stocks that already been hot and high I can only afford 10 shares. just saying

James King05/27/2020 14:23

He is buying the cheap shares now

James King05/27/2020 14:23



Blum05/27/2020 04:00
I just dont know whay im keeping it i was looking at $Chegg as a Better growth play!

Robert Ryan05/27/2020 10:22

I'm keeping it...it's been making me money and the 5g extreme roll out is about to hit!!!


James King05/27/2020 03:59
I’m keeping it


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