05/27/2020 11:29

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust Gapped it up overnight following $iShares Russell 2000 ETF & the small caps relief rally.... Small caps just rejected their 200 EMA on the daily chart, NASDAQ looks even weaker than yesterday; wouldnt be suprised if this trades exactly like yesterday & we end a little red..
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Contractor05/27/2020 11:39
Yup what im thinking but woth job numbers tomorrow itll prob be green again

EXLR8Trades05/27/2020 11:47

A lot of other data coming out with Jobless claims tomorrow; real consumer spending rating, Q1 GDP, Q4 corporate profits, GDP sales Q1, being the last week of the month we get the continued jobless claims number (4 Weeks-better idea of number unemployed still), theyre also reporting the storage capacities of oil/natural gases & the ’condition’ Of the stockpile


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