01/05/2021 02:25

$Jaguar Health So earlier today i secured profits just a tad too early, but my friends have been telling to me to secure them when im in a comfortable spot because last year wasnt a good year for me. Im still learning. but then i bought back in at 1.78 with all house money and now that money is making me money. all in all was that a good play? Im kinda bummed i didnt wait a little longer on securing. But i still came out with a good chunk. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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lin***com01/05/2021 02:41
I'm still in 50k gains

Chr***net01/05/2021 02:41

Thanks for the advice lol and rubbing that in


Quincy 01/05/2021 02:35
Never a bad thing to secure profits . 1.70s wont look bad when this is 3 plus . you made profit and still have room for another 100 plus gains . This is a new year . start fresh forget past . youll be fine


ARodriguez01/05/2021 02:32
still in, stock has more growth to come


Ton***com01/05/2021 02:29
Just stay in big money

Chr***net01/05/2021 02:31

What do you mean when you say big money


Mad Maudo01/05/2021 02:28
Same here . Still in


jab***com01/05/2021 02:27
Same here...still in


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