brahma bull

01/06/2021 01:42

$Jaguar Health Please do your research, webull comments is NOT dd. If you have a question, google is where you should be at the least. It genuinely makes me laugh that some people really panic sold today because the price dropped down to yesterdays high point. If you knew what you are investing in you wouldnt have a problem waiting for the big bucks, because YOU know whata coming
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zavie101/06/2021 02:05
all I see is consolidation. I've seen many stocks go parabolic after consolidation like this.


deven01/06/2021 01:45
Spot on. All these new investors have no idea what they are buying into, with all lf the positive news and all the catalysts coming out this will easily be a $10 stoc within the next month


Hansenyourstocks01/06/2021 01:44
But why not sell and get back in lower?

Cma***com01/06/2021 19:16

when you sell high and it drops, you don't have to sit there and watch all your profits disappear. and you can just sit there with cash at hand to buy back in whenever you feel like. and you can buy more shares than you had before with the same money you sold for. which would make your average and share count higher. the same money you invested in the first place

Cma***com01/06/2021 03:47

well your average will probably never get lower. that train has left. I had .41 average and secured %500 profits but nobody really cares.

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