01/06/2021 03:24

$Jaguar Health Wouldn't it be great if only democrats had to follow the laws democrats pass and Republicans follow the laws Republicans passed. democrats would have to pay a higher capital gains tax, while Republicans enjoy the lower rate. democrats have strict gun laws while republican have reasonable gun laws. We should set up a two government system and you have to be registered for 4 years to that party with a voter ID. You live by what you vote for. You can only re register every 4 years. if you vote for it you live by it. If your party didn't you dont have to. bet things would be interesting 🤔 👀
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All Comments(9)

GokuLoveStocks01/06/2021 06:53
Sure the good old "Them" vs "Us" complex , textbook..


maj***com01/06/2021 05:02
Since Trump is going to Scotland day b4 election on a military plane, think he'll stage a demonstration and land on White House when he returns via military Black Hawk?
Who pays for his ride home?

711***com01/06/2021 05:26

So, our country can’t fly it’s president around, but it’s ok for our country to be the democratic party’s tool to gain personal fortunes by wiping the entire world’s backside?


256****01/06/2021 04:00
You right wingers are so out of touch with reality that it’a hilarious lmao

Tempest 01/06/2021 11:51

I guess your scared to live by what you voted for. cause I'm not.

711***com01/06/2021 04:38

So, for some reason, the US is supposed to support the rest of the world’s failing countries and everyone is entitled to things they didn’t earn? Yup, really sounds out of touch...


lev***com01/06/2021 03:50
I'll be Independent where I won't have to follow neither...😂😛🙏


LowkeyLoki01/06/2021 03:48
thats what confederates said


Bri***com01/06/2021 03:42


AudibleVisible01/06/2021 03:41
I'm sold


Owney01/06/2021 03:38
You talking about a civil war.

711***com01/06/2021 03:47

Many believe, because of this election, that it’s inevitable. Tomorrow is going to be ugly.


Bry01/06/2021 03:27
This is the most legit and reasonable post I’ve seen on webull in the 2 years I’ve been on here!!! PATRIOT ALL DAY!!!


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