01/07/2021 03:33

$Jaguar Health It's over, biden will be president, if your mad you need to move on like I did. it's gonna be o. k no matter what, I'm a conservative I'm not trusting the voting system ever again nor will I follow politics . I Will only focus on mergers and buy outs. God bless america, may you're president bring you joy and prosperity.
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ShirBlackspots01/07/2021 06:09
Trump is a (possible) Democrat plant to purposely destroy the Republican party, and spew falsehoods about our voting system to discourage people like you from voting.

AJ01/07/2021 07:00

God i hope so lol


fordshelby01/07/2021 04:53
Biden 2021 😉


kar***com01/07/2021 04:00
Get over it and get rich

Bzzzzzz$D01/07/2021 04:04

like the later... am not into being treaded on, nor do I support breaking the law in anyway


Bzzzzzz$D01/07/2021 03:37
Mail in ballots were nail in our republic’s coffin period period period

Bzzzzzz$D01/07/2021 03:39

It’s ok tho.. ever since hadron collider it has all been a dream 🙄


AudibleVisible01/07/2021 03:37


DarkShawdow01/07/2021 03:36
i normally not involved in politics. but this time and year. it seem like really unfair voting. so obviously faults but whoever got strong back supporters they win.

Bzzzzzz$D01/07/2021 04:03

Trump lost no support since 2016

Bzzzzzz$D01/07/2021 04:02

Strong backs broke the windows of the capital building today

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