01/08/2021 03:35

still holdin
$Jaguar Health fomo should kick in tomorrow with a 40% increase and 1 day till news, find a dip or dont

$US Globl Invest long swing for me in since 5.50 lots of room imo to grow lol

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. the dems winning senate sold me the fact they might take over another weed company for unpaid debts was savage and was a plus

$ZW Data Action Technologies Inc after hype dies down and news really settles should see a few days of positive

enter... dont... I don't care... just my 2 cents 🤙

will give my weekend holds tomorrow night
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All Comments(6)

$atoriJolene01/08/2021 05:45
In 2 of 4 👍... Jag and sundial. Both making money


Bzzzzzz$D01/08/2021 03:59

Bzzzzzz$D01/08/2021 04:06

Sour puss 🙃

ThatWelderGuy01/08/2021 04:03

I'm well aware of the news/hype


🇺🇸HillbillyGAINSsnatcher🇺🇸01/08/2021 03:57

ThatWelderGuy01/08/2021 04:03



Bzzzzzz$D01/08/2021 03:56
Come fly with us 🛫
Merger opens up European market; which leads to #2
Andreea Porcelli is handling merger- everything she touches turns to gold

Bzzzzzz$D01/08/2021 03:57

JAGX Profits


Shovel362 01/08/2021 03:51
fomo leaves you holding big bags.. best to be in before it runs & wait for the jump

ThatWelderGuy01/08/2021 04:03

in at 2.025


Bzzzzzz$D01/08/2021 03:39
JAGX is the ticket. can save you the trouble: it’s a HOLD 💯 for the weekend

$32🕯 1/11

BillyBull01/08/2021 03:50

You think $32 on 1/11? Why so

Bzzzzzz$D01/08/2021 03:40

Stelio.. STELIO KONTOS has spoken


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$Bionano Genomics cocaine, whores, and alot of guns!!!! that's what I'ma blow all my fortune on guys !!!!! I'm interested in hearing what y'all might do with y'all's money one-day leave a comment ?Belflord E. Lee 01/24/2021 18:05
$Ocugen Inc i did my partHold Bags Sell Profits 01/24/2021 19:33
$TESLA to the moon!!zac***edu 01/24/2021 16:40
$Churchill Capital Corp IV its happening this is from lucids htmlJandT74 01/24/2021 18:32