01/08/2021 10:16

$Jaguar Health Ok so I’ve only been doimg this stock market thing since Dec 2nd ..... I deposited 3300 into my account and an currently up to 13,500 helped mostly by the 2200 shares of Jagx that i bought at .34!!! I since then upped to 4,300 shares but im getting nervous. Seems lole everyone hates when people sell? Can someone explain why short sellers affect the stock? Sorry im very new at this.
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Palapadangus01/08/2021 10:25
Come monday pull out what you invested and let the rest sit there n Keep going up. you never know, What if it goes to $10.


AudibleVisible01/08/2021 10:22


yourwifecallsmepapi01/08/2021 10:20
just hold for Monday at least. this will blow up. shorts always buy bid and place more buds to bought in order to stifle upward movement. it scares people like you and they sell, then they get what want.

yourwifecallsmepapi01/08/2021 10:21

some even have accounts where they're basically buying and selling to themselves driving the price down insanely

yourwifecallsmepapi01/08/2021 10:20

more bids not buds


aki***com01/08/2021 10:19
Ditto...i should have held mIne at .84 so commend you for rock solid hands.


thebigbullshorter01/08/2021 10:19
research online. you realize your asking webull comments lol. if you wanna sell sell. if you wanna buy buy.


MrLi01/08/2021 10:18
dude just hold, forget about it come back and sell some of you want when we hit double digits. you gonna be able to buy a Tesla


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