01/08/2021 19:58

$Jaguar Health Just curious what some peoples strategies are. I’ve had a tendency to holld on too long and watch my profits evaporate and end up selling for a small profit. I’m 100% holeing til Monday. These dips and drops haven’t even made me flinch, But I’M just curious what some peoples plans are on Monday. ThiNking about sellng enough to cover my intial investment on Monday during premarket or when it looks like it’s struggling and letting the rest ride for a bit. If there IS ACTUALLY a merger, This could go pretty high, If not, , could drop pretty easily and quickly. Not asking for all your steategies, just a general idea of what people are going to do.
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MINOTAUR 01/08/2021 20:02
oh yeah and when you thank me later just hit that follow button.

Swa***com01/08/2021 20:25

Wwll, I followed you, thanks for the advice and your kindness.

MINOTAUR 01/08/2021 20:09

nah just trying to build up my webull fellowship.

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MINOTAUR 01/08/2021 20:00
Im a long term hodler my friend. hold that sum bish. thank me later. 👍


JDAWG01/08/2021 20:00
There really hasn’t even beeN a drop


BullDaddy70701/08/2021 19:59
Its hard. Especially in a market where institutions manipulate every little freaking thing. We need them to jack the prices up. But theyre the only ones who know when to sell. Its luck.


MINOTAUR 01/08/2021 19:59
evaporate to what? You were in the red? I was in red with sndl for forever now look. PAYTIENCE!


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