Bull VS Bear

01/08/2021 21:45

$Jaguar Health she's about out of stream, give it till mid next week before you see any real movement here again, you guys forget the bull can only run so much before it needs rest, don't listen to the bs of sell or buy set your target. swing traders need to know when to take profits your not in it for the 5x gains when it's a few bucks per stock for buy in. keep things relevant and realistic. and just because someone says it's about to drop doesn't mean they are shorting and trying to hype out, just like someone says it's about to raise isn't hyping out a call, dont get me their out there, but you guys have no problem attacking someone who says it's about to fall because it hurts you own selfish interests not about the facts on the ground, you can make up your own reality but the real world is still spinning wither you agree with the facts or not.
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Tech01/08/2021 21:58
👆 This guy 4.2 AH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Bull VS Bear01/08/2021 21:53
more sellers then buyers = drop, more buyers then sellers = raises. Too fast to quick equals bust, it's not that big to flop but the gains your looking for in that time frame will equal bust. it'll gain just not every day like you guys think you know


Bullheadboy01/08/2021 21:49


Tech01/08/2021 21:49
You just took 2000 characters to explain how you don't know anything, especially about this stock and the upcoming news week. You don't even realize you can't short this stock. Brilliant!

Tech01/09/2021 02:21

Didn't think so

Tech01/08/2021 21:56

Oh yeah? Prove it 🤡

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MR.BULL01/08/2021 21:48
This aint no bull its a jaguar MR.

Bull VS Bear01/08/2021 21:48

either one, it's out of gas for a few days


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