Bull VS Bear

01/09/2021 02:30

$Jaguar Health over 2 million shares sold under market price, removes debt but flooded the market, and talking about moon rocket from here when a buy out would result in 107,340,000รท42,740,000=2.51 per share at current market cap. not saying it won't go up later but this stock is out of gas right now, if your a swing or day trader
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All Comments(12)

Legendary01/09/2021 03:22
Been following this stock for almost two months and ive never seen your name.... you missedd out huh hahaha

Legendary01/09/2021 03:40

Show your portfolio Fraud man

Legendary01/09/2021 03:40

Why you always lyyyiinnngggggg

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E$01/09/2021 03:06
Large Scale Buys were up for the first time all week today. why is that?

Bull VS Bear01/09/2021 03:19

lol, last 7 days 7 million out vs 1 million in

E$01/09/2021 03:09

You said institutional buyers flooded out. that is as incorrect as everything else you

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Jay***com01/09/2021 02:58
Bro you a clown

E$01/09/2021 03:12


Bull VS Bear01/09/2021 03:06

sad you have to follow someone to be a troll just to make your self feel like a big man. I'm so sorry for you and your family, I pray you kids are better people.

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Goodguy140501/09/2021 02:56
You have 2 followers lol

Vuj***com01/09/2021 04:28

You aint makin shit bum ass gtfo

yourwifecallsmepapi01/09/2021 03:05

stfu bro. no one wants to follow your shit advice anyway.

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E$01/09/2021 02:45
A company with virtually no revenue will be merging to make $350 mil annually +
They are increasing price organically. the market is dictating the price. No buy outs.. FAKE NEWS

E$01/09/2021 02:54

Not even close. Have a blessed weekend

Bull VS Bear01/09/2021 02:51

yes and the merger at current market price will net, 107,340,000รท42,740,000=2.51 a share a best offer 3.51 per share not what you paid for the shares, your about as fake as they come, it's how buy outs and mergers work. not what you say your shares are worth. why do think this thing didn't move at all after hours. smart money that's playing long term not worried, day traders and swing traders that drive prices up are out, no more grass on the field if you want to play dirt ball day trading


Neigel01/09/2021 02:44
How much you lost shorting ?

Bull VS Bear01/09/2021 02:52

lol you cant short this you guys are not smart at all, what been trading for about a year now, and know it all

E$01/09/2021 02:47

Answer the man ๐Ÿ˜†


Stock Fox01/09/2021 02:40
Hopefully you cover late and help to further drive up the stock price on Monday, when you cover late.

Bull VS Bear01/09/2021 02:54

lol new to the game I see, you cant short, this is a warning but it is your money and your lost have fun

Stock Fox01/09/2021 02:47

This is going up, not down. Youโ€™re trying to bash this stock with lies, so you can attempt to scare people away. We know all about your short-seller tactics.

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DABonEM01/09/2021 02:40
you keep saying it's out of gas buy we closed at 4 today when most stocks are supposed to drop on a Friday this held at 4


Chip01/09/2021 02:39
Not to mention this is a penny stock and at the end if the day, all the stock needs is volume and belief in the company

MINOTAUR 01/09/2021 05:02

5.01 it is no longer a penny stock.

E$01/09/2021 02:46

BNGO has been on a historic tear, but doesnt have the catalysts we do this week

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Chip01/09/2021 02:38
Out of gas, no. Significant price gain and stability is dependent on their results after their upcoming events


yourwifecallsmepapi01/09/2021 02:37
that doesn't mean shit. a ton of us have shares under market price. We're about to balloon up.

yourwifecallsmepapi01/09/2021 02:47

either way, I'm holding for long term donkeyboi

Bull VS Bear01/09/2021 02:39

yeah say that to uber they still haven't recovered. I could name a few more, fact is fact out of momentum, come Monday no day traders or swing traders till mid week


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