01/09/2021 12:14

$Jaguar Health Will save you the trouble of scrolling through these garbage comments:
So many shorts are claiming they bought the penny of a dip and sold on the penny of a spike all the way up. NOT SHOWING JACK.
They lie. Let’s be honest and HOLD for the 🕯, selling as near to the top as we can figure on the way up Monday my friends
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E$01/09/2021 14:31
I dont know What this will hit Monday, but this will be the top gainer and keep pumping out news. Day traders don’t care about valuation at that point - just want to ride it higher

E$01/09/2021 14:32

Why so many of us have been saying get in for weeks. $5 and under is a good buy. set it now


E$01/09/2021 14:25
Monday is a very busy day.. How penny stocks go on Bull runs now a days anything is possible.
Sticking to my x4 PM prediction

Fasteddie01/09/2021 14:27

Can I ask what your prediction is for monday?


yourwifecallsmepapi01/09/2021 12:49
I could definitely see pre market fomo and webinar taking us to double didigts. wouldn't be the first time it's happened to stocks. what's your pt bro, I know we jokingly say 32 lol


Kep30301/09/2021 12:30
I'm holding 8,800 at an average of $1.10. I'm after it goes above 5 I will set my stop loss. But I'm not selling till 6-6.50.

E$01/09/2021 12:33



E$01/09/2021 12:17
Anything this BULLISH burns shorts and they have to lie about gains they missed. Cant talk you into selling at this point, but need to sow doubt to talk you out of your money.

Bri***com01/10/2021 10:47

I like him too, id like to have a beer 🍺 with E$

Mr.Keith.01/09/2021 16:00

I like you man. Hitting that follow button.


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