01/09/2021 17:03

I have over 10k in followers so I hardly post wins on here, but we have been having fun making profits on all these tickers, changing people's lives and turning something that seems complicated to some very easy. We just don't alert you, we teach you how to become independent traders. We play (Long,Short) Swing, Daytrade, Scalp, Options and my favorite in Momentum, Continuation and News alerts 📢
Come hang with us as you have nothing to lose with a free 3 day try..take a look at the pictures for the Golden key 🔑 to get in.

$$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Bionano Genomics $Jaguar Health $Future Fintech Group Inc $Borqs Tech $LM Funding $Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp $Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp $Gores Holdings IV, Inc. $ZW Data Action Technologies Inc
Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp-0
LM Funding-1
Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp-2
Bionano Genomics-3
Bionano Genomics-4
Gores Holdings IV, Inc.-5
Jaguar Health-6
Borqs Tech-7
Gores Holdings IV, Inc.-8
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All Comments(28)

585****53401/10/2021 14:01
listen to this man! moneytrain soeaks the truth! they have an amazing team and have put together a great community of people all looking to help one another. i’ve been with goldengoose for less than a month and its already made a huge impact on how i trade...and made me a ton of $

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/10/2021 15:27

thank you 😊 I just keep it real and made it easy for you all, from my mistakes and time I've put in


Mc01/10/2021 11:47
How do i join


ACheetoDustParticul801/10/2021 06:38
Lol the haters are the brand new accounts created from a coward who is constantly bashing our group.... he does that all the time. He is the real scammer, lol Ticker Tracker😂

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/10/2021 15:28

I know, I can't even see it, because I just block them all now, drama free is how I like it.


Mad Maudo01/10/2021 02:35
God is Good

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/10/2021 04:38

yes he is


MIGGZ01/10/2021 01:12
They are legit ive learned soo much from all of them!!!

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/10/2021 04:38

I hope you where in the live one one on I did tonight


AMurph01/09/2021 21:35
I know the 4th to 8th was jagx because im tbere with you brother ✊

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/09/2021 21:39

You know thats right..


Sticky Brussels01/09/2021 21:15
Hi man, do you have telegram or something ? I would lobe yo join


mor***com01/09/2021 20:56
Heard a number of bad things about this group

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/09/2021 21:00

There is always going to be rumors about groups,but your more then welcome to reach out to any old and new traders to get their opinions


WolfofBaltic avenue01/09/2021 20:39
Are you on parler?

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/09/2021 20:40

no im not, but will look into it


RipNDip🍥01/09/2021 19:41

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/09/2021 19:44

now next time your going to be able to get more for bigger wins. Congrats 👏


its***com01/09/2021 19:12
invite link expired


M...R.01/09/2021 18:53
hey money train ,you are really a train,if people don't get in that train that means they're not going to get to the station. 😀

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/10/2021 05:38

for sure..Choo, choo

Mrfixit5501/09/2021 21:24


View all 4 replies


Sadeoye101/09/2021 18:47
How can i join the Group


sun***com01/09/2021 18:29
how we join


MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵01/09/2021 18:02
Let the haters come in. they post and block. I have nothing to prove, just an opportunity


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