01/09/2021 22:22

$Jaguar Health so im at 7700 shares at 4.035 a share how do I weather this coming up week? should I just not look lol or Will there be a big pullback? news is official well some right Monday, webinar 7:30 a.m est? I believe it should go up, if news is hot should pop nice but we will see. realistic experienced opinions valued.
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Jujubee01/09/2021 22:52
Monday 4:00 am EST 👀 eyes glued..
LOL 👍 6 glasses of black coffee...🔥
Going through the day... 🔥 Back again
on Tuesday. Same Scenario. 🔥🔥


rra***com01/09/2021 22:44
Pre market we can see crazy gains, but the market expectation of the presentation would at least be met so there would be a sell off during the day. Just dont sleep sunday like the rest of us.

ste***com01/09/2021 22:47

thank you what do u think the eod Monday will look like? and following Tuesday morning?


ham***com01/09/2021 22:29
from what I can tell you will be fine. Its sounds like the will be releasing news through the month of January, impossible to predict what or when, but I don't think you will lose anything, just see what webinar is and go from there. If it doesn't do what you want, just wait, it will most likely sometime this month.

ste***com01/09/2021 22:32

thank you valued that.


Goodguy140501/09/2021 22:27
Dayum. biG risk brings big rewards . Should be okay just dont panic sell


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