01/12/2021 03:30

$Jaguar Health this stock is its own soap opera. i started trading august of last year. found this in early Nov. 500 @ .19. bought in made a little profit and left. wrote it off. here i am 2 short months later with 5000 @ .84 and banking. come to find out this thing was worth several thousands once upon a time. went way down hill. about written off. trying to fight back. now its stuck with scared hands waiting on news. never will it be where it was, but where will it go? Find out next time on JAGX and the restless. πŸ€‘πŸ€£πŸ»
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All Comments(4)

Mantarayapinta01/12/2021 04:59
So true 😹 πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€


missbillie_jean01/12/2021 04:33
I enjoy your entertainment. You are correct. This has become my favE Dramedy/Wahhhmedy πŸ˜‹

SRGuy4629001/12/2021 09:07

thank you. just my experience in my short time as a trader. i just try to help new traders not make the mistakes i have made. comedy is better than bullying. just my opinion.


DABonEM01/12/2021 03:50
there have been many stocks that were in the thousands 🀑 do your DD obviously you haven't

SRGuy4629001/12/2021 09:08

how am i not able to like your comment. mossbillie. nice jab.

missbillie_jean01/12/2021 04:31

Stay tuned to the next episode guest starring β€œPoopy Pooperson” πŸ˜‚


Cashapp $DJseanyB1201/12/2021 03:39
Itll never see those prices again there has been like 7 reverse splits since then

SRGuy4629001/12/2021 09:03

hello troll junior. i stated that already. thank you for not having a life though.


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