02/18/2021 23:46

$Jaguar Health No walls and youre selling... FYI friday sells off arent at start of day lol. They sell off at end of it... Youre already determining tbe day before its come and settling instead of going after all weve hung in for... cmon push and end strong!!!
30 years being a Doctor and i just dont get the mentality here...
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FrenchCrawler02/19/2021 00:02
as long as we can maintain above 2.9 when we close ah, I think we have a chance of hitting 4 tomorrow... it's obviously going to dip again, but hoping it will only go down to the 3.3 range... baby steps will get us to 5 someday (official merger news will definitely help 😂) ... I am surprised to see that it has almost consistently stayed above 2.9 so far... Follow me for more future predictions (not really, I'm just making wild guesses based off of how people have been reacting to the stock and any news associated with it... but, dam almost nailed the 3.6 on the dot for today 😜)

PJ80802/19/2021 00:10

I know we went to 3.60 within 3 min of news.... to bad didnt get back there today but we will... im not going anywhere...


WarrenPuffett02/18/2021 23:55
Has to be inexperience...people really should invest time watching videos or..novel idea..open a book and read about stocks before diving into it. This stock is going to have so much volume here shortly that the idiots complaining about “OMG, THIS STOCK IS DREADFUL, WHY ISN’T IT GOING UP ALL THE TIME” won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things. They will continue to be broke and we will have invested in the greater good for the human race.

PJ80802/19/2021 00:23

Me neither. im not going anywhere...

WarrenPuffett02/19/2021 00:21

Haha, I did feel like i was being evaluated when I was talking to you, makes perfect sense now..lol. I spent plenty of time in the service to be a perfect candidate for mental experimentation. This thing will rock, I have a feeling. Tomorrow may get a little upside down with the sell offs but I’m not scared.

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Ross Perot02/18/2021 23:53
this isn't just us. the shorts always have thier dirty hands in it

PJ80802/19/2021 00:00

Easy to blame shorts but if you watch the selling and bid buys thats us not them... agree to disagree.

Aus***com02/18/2021 23:55

You have no idea what you are saying lol


RawlsRoyce02/18/2021 23:51
Plus we are one of the few that held our gains today. Everything broke down

Aus***com02/18/2021 23:57

Good ole red ass day

PJ80802/18/2021 23:54

Exactly... red ass day and we more than held up... why sell for pennies when we can raise it up and get jamming in PM cause of it?


WarrenPuffett02/18/2021 23:50
Wow, 30 years? You don’t look that old! I concur though, I don’t get the mentality either. People are satisfied with making 10-15 dollars and shorting everyone else...


aluminum83intoxicants02/18/2021 23:48
💯 you are 💲💲💲💲


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