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02/19/2021 17:39

I understand why people short, its another way of making moneY. But why do people want to short companies that are trying to cure cancer, or save the world?!?! I dont want to wish harm on anyone, but if you are one of those pEople, and youre faced with a dire circumstance with no cure, i hope you realize you played a part.

$Zomedica Corp $Bionano Genomics $ISORAY $Guardion Health Sciences $Greenwich LifeSciences, Inc. $Jaguar Health $Ocugen Inc $IBIO $Aytu BioScience
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gem***com02/19/2021 19:52
ok, ok, I am crying here with you people who have big hearts πŸ’•. I think DNA sequencing biotech and AI are trending. I don't know about stock market so read and get information here. I do enjoy reading all kinds of comments.


Macatee02/19/2021 19:05
greedy pieces of shit

gem***com02/19/2021 19:53



YaKno02/19/2021 18:35
The company creating the cure isn't doing it for free. They stand to make money too. Pharma is a money machine.

619****76202/25/2021 15:40

They also could have decided to make video games


kek***com02/19/2021 18:26
Their Moral Compass Is 0 and Character 0 But They Haven't Figured It Out Yet! They Think It Won't Be Them That Faces Cancer, Shameful. It Will Bite Them, It's Just A Matter Of Time.


KenjiStocks02/19/2021 18:26
Same reason there are people who eat babies


Soj***com02/19/2021 18:14
more money n stability n treatment than the cure for the greedy... They manipulate iverything the ppl don't stand up together on.


Chris02/19/2021 18:05
Agreed πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™


TioSnake02/19/2021 18:04
Couldnt have said it better myself


booger02/19/2021 17:59
so true.


sai***com02/19/2021 17:56


tom***com02/19/2021 17:52
I love those sorts of stocks. You might like HJLI, the things they are going to do for coronary surgeries will save so many lives. Their stock is probably a long hold but is at a great entry price right now, and it is a company that is doing things People should want to invest in.


TeddyBear77702/19/2021 17:50
They told me Shorting is Healthy for the Market πŸ˜†

Guys I advise you all to think for yourself cause you know that guy taking your money had 0 thought of you

TeddyBear77702/19/2021 17:51

guy girl *entity*


Jujubee02/19/2021 17:45
Yup they should stop manipulation of health care stocks πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


PumpingIron02/19/2021 17:44
No money in cure's moron

Invest02/19/2021 18:38

aka education

TioSnake02/19/2021 18:11

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ayy 2,500 is alot to him

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Brent02/19/2021 17:43
Ik right. it just proves everone has greed. but in stocks somone has to lose. so why not the people shorting it.


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