02/21/2021 14:59

$AMC Ent Holdg 3 options left and I'll be happy with each...
1. squeeze to possibly 500+
2. Amazon buyout which would drive up price and we get paid
3. up to 20-25 range by may/June due to better valuations...
IMO most likely will see a big time squeeze sooner rather than later. we're dealing with an anomaly because by Tuesday all the share would have been bought and something will begin to happen...buy and HOLD and it's a sure bet winner!
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All Comments(15)

Kayble02/22/2021 05:07
All these haters salty so must be something here just based off that πŸ˜‚


Pen***com02/21/2021 22:41
stop chasing and following like a lemming or sheep. you will end up broke.

Kayble02/22/2021 05:08

words like sheep and lemming wont get me to sell hahaha


Pen***com02/21/2021 22:40
amc sucks dude. Amazon isn't in the business to lose money in case you didn't notice.

Kayble02/22/2021 05:09

Lol gl with that you are thinking like they wouldnt change AMC


Ungabunga02/21/2021 21:11
No one cares clown


nat***com02/21/2021 18:49
Its dead in the water now.

Kayble02/22/2021 05:09

Not a dead cat

Kayble02/22/2021 05:09

Been side ways for awhile now nice try


MTG Unscripted02/21/2021 18:11
I love the desperation from you bag holding clowns it's so sad that you have to beg people to buy your pos stock 🀑🀑🀑

Kayble02/22/2021 05:10

What makes you come to the ticker clown πŸ˜‚


Sports Fan02/21/2021 16:25
Lmao clowns... amc and gme ur all forgotten bagholders go hold each other’s hands and pray for a miracle

Kayble02/22/2021 05:10

obvi not forgotten we get so much attention from clowns like you

?CASHSNIPER?02/21/2021 16:27

Botta be rich clowns in a minute


Ukyo Tachibana02/21/2021 15:39
wait.....are you hoping for a squeeze to 500 share price on AMC?

?CASHSNIPER?02/21/2021 18:11

whatever floats your boat to get the proper info to make the bread...if it means watching cartoons all day then that too

kyl***com02/21/2021 17:00

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ you guys crack me up.

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Nguyening02/21/2021 15:29
#1 Would be nice! 🀞🀞🀞

?CASHSNIPER?02/21/2021 15:31

right? we got dis bro...it's just a matter of time


BK02/21/2021 15:19
Squeeze to 500? Are you high?

?CASHSNIPER?02/21/2021 15:25

sorry...I went too low

SkepticπŸ˜•02/21/2021 15:22



Styles02/21/2021 15:18
Aren’t you just riding on hope? I’m guessing that you jumped into the hype last month and didn’t get out.

Kayble02/22/2021 05:12

I cashed out calls on spike 2,500%+ got shares around $6 I like the stock i dont waste time telling my reason but just know it wont effect me negatively no matter what

?CASHSNIPER?02/21/2021 15:26

do your DD and you'll see where the hope comes from...the numbers are all there. you should get in now at the very bottom and cone back later to thank me


StockyBull02/21/2021 15:05
if you gear for option 3 the long swing you can't go wrong look at all the big institutions buying all the fear in the dips. if you're hunkered down for three it makes it easy to average down which in turn helps the short-term cause. you will have less stress and fear holding and buying more. let's get it

?CASHSNIPER?02/21/2021 15:13

agree. fun waiting with all these crazy apes waiting to be fed 😜


Bolnoi02/21/2021 15:04
No one Cares .

Kayble02/22/2021 05:13

Obvi you if youre here and replying


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