02/21/2021 23:30

Here is a riddle for you: Two coins add up to thirty cents and one of them is not a nickel. What are they?

Whether you know the answer or not, the point remains the same: the riddle makes money, and acquiring it, for that matter, a lot more complicated than it has to be. Wall Street and many others like to claim and lay out how difficult it is to beat the market and consistently make money in the markets and they love showing "losers" who tried and failed as examples of why you need them so badly.

In truth, it is startingly simple. Research stocks first, then buy them, plan to hold them through downtrends and look for stocks that you can buy low with a promise of them rising so you are never chasing. That is having Conviction and that is being a Contrarian to what so many say and want to do.

Keeping it simple works for the Tortoise. He is a simple creature who just plods along. He does always win though, just like you will, and that seems to be a riddle Wall Street can't seem to solve.

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RedWine&Trades02/22/2021 08:42
Well said mate! The strategy is a winner for those whi follow it and be patient! Stock market is all about knowledge and patients. You cant win with one without the other💪🏻


RedWine&Trades02/22/2021 08:40
A quarter and afraction of bitcoin.

Stonks Memelord02/22/2021 11:16

I got 50cents worth lol


5102/22/2021 06:17
Repeat the question Please..


jac***com02/22/2021 05:36
dam straight on $Triterras, Inc.


Ksb***com02/22/2021 05:16
A 25$ call


TGreenIV02/22/2021 03:10


JAlexander02/22/2021 02:36
Nickel and quarter


Tizzman02/22/2021 01:37
Quarter and a dogecoin


TYMusk02/22/2021 00:47
a little technical education doesn't hurt either. rsi, volume, moving average etc. I'm not saying that you have to be a chart guru but I've watched a lot of new traders lose money because they don't know what they're looking at.

ConvictionContrarian02/22/2021 00:47

Absolutely and the weekend is a great time to do that!


als***com02/22/2021 00:23
a nickel and a quarter

ConvictionContrarian02/22/2021 01:14



Anom02/22/2021 00:19
i will google contrarian but id like to hear your definition of it..

Anom02/22/2021 12:51

sounds like an excellent strategy, thank you

dww02/22/2021 02:55

Look up Benjamin Graham the Intelligent Investor

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rob***com02/22/2021 00:16
2 pennies invested into CCIV


Game Busters02/22/2021 00:08
one quarter one dogecoin at current market value


Captain Bubble Wrap02/22/2021 00:06
1 quarter and 5 pennies


iluvbags02/22/2021 00:05
.00000000001 bit coin...


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