02/24/2021 21:28

$GameStop Free advice for anybody here, it was a coordinated attack, at least $500 million was needed they bought up every position from $40-$80, so their average was $60. They let the retail trader take over a close pushing the stock north of $100. Tomorrow morning they do the same thing the stock goes to $160 everybody so excited. And then they start to unload their shares. They unload at an average of $140 per share on the way down. Does everybody get what happens overnight the hedge fund or phones just made $600 million that they took from retail investors, left holding the bag thinking it was going to 500/share

These investors are hedge funds that manipulate the stock do you think they’re doing it for you the retail shareholder so you can make a ridiculous return, no they have a game plan and an exit strategy and it’s not long-term it’s not a game stop is worth $10 billion.

I’m giving psychology of trading, if you like what you hear you’re more than welcome to follow me on Twitter where I announce all the play by plays first, I don’t like posting on this platform

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All Comments(37)

Bgorm02/25/2021 15:04
I picked up shares at 46.30 and sold at 175. I knew they weren’t going to let it run over 200. Glad I got out quick. Whats up with TRIT? Still holding at 8.21

Matt02/25/2021 15:08

Yes and you probably should’ve average down when it was seven dollars, it’s not far from that, I would definitely suggest averaging down, if your position is down 10% or more that is when you do it, good scalp on your trade by the way


Dayaftertomorrow02/25/2021 02:54
You cannot help people that are at war with themselves. 😊 Thanks for the information.


Valoito02/25/2021 02:27


SkunkApe02/25/2021 01:58
Lol this guy probably works for the hedge funds.

Matt02/25/2021 02:04

You have been blocked thanks for playing


JojoBeans02/25/2021 00:06
i think you are wrong. this is a once in a lifetime event and a catalyst for change.

but thank you. securing profit is always a good plan.

Cloudz902/25/2021 01:15


JojoBeans02/25/2021 00:15

seriously, thank you for insight on how it works. new traders will get eaten alive after this. we need trustworthy people to teach us how it all works. the manipulation is very real.

hedge funds are the scapegoat. it's almost biblical.

my thing is I think that this time is like the silver lining for the crazy events happening in the world.

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971****55102/25/2021 00:02
Wrong. you sound dumb.

H-Capital02/25/2021 16:25

Straight clown🤡

Andrew B02/25/2021 16:01


View all 4 replies


stevieb19802/24/2021 23:56
your speaking of the norm in physiology of trading. the fact is this is a first. this isn't the pavilion of trading here. this is motivated by a cause to bleed the hedge fund. this is a psychology that the markets never faced given the fact of the mobile apps and chart forum. this is a fact. the trading psychology is adding a new animal after this/ during. the ape=retail trader, uses hype with dd, uses medians to communicate dd to other apes. motto apes together are strong yet individual. hatred for manipulations and inequality in a few market

JojoBeans02/25/2021 00:39

exactly. none of this has been normal from day one.


ten***com02/24/2021 23:54
you were wrong on the 27th when it was at $147 and jumped to over 300.

Mad🍀Sweeney02/25/2021 15:04

Fū(k him Matt .... im learning about trading from you ... he on the other hand is confirmation that people suck !
Thank you for taking time out of your day to help us slow people 😀

Jpruett8502/25/2021 00:21

🤣 don't you have more important things go do than find something he posted a month ago?

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Ryan O02/24/2021 23:52
your math and prediction seems to be off by 100% . not sure yiur DD is sound.

Matt02/25/2021 00:00


Matt02/25/2021 00:00

My mouth is never off


eli***com02/24/2021 23:51
You realize the hedge funds buying positions are doing it so melvin will buy their shares back and make gme go parabolic right? It has to get higher than its pervious high at least for that to happen.


Saa***com02/24/2021 23:50
When people say diamond hands to the moon thats when i look for the nearest exit!

C.R.E.A.M02/25/2021 03:23

I couldn’t agree more. I actually do exit positions when it fills up with rockets and moons


StockGenius9202/24/2021 23:48
are you high?

Kee***com02/25/2021 00:55

probably retail traders' options, but who knows?

Matt02/24/2021 23:49

You guys all understand these options were purchased on Monday when the stock was $40, and expiring on Friday there was no movement


Brandon02/24/2021 23:46
Hilarious watching how many clueless people got into the stock market soley based on what gme and amc did last month and they TRULY believe that they will beat multi billionaire hedge funds just because they are “hOdLiNg To ThE mOoN”😂

SkunkApe02/25/2021 01:57

Ive made 47k in One month on amc so stfu

Kee***com02/25/2021 01:00

whats the point in beating an arrogant giant pool of endless manipulation and cash that gets bailed out by your tax dollars when they fail?
regular people made life changing money this year.
the hedgies will just do it all again and many more people know how to take advantage of them now.
seems like lots more made money than ate a bullet.

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1TJIVH0VQ748AE08BND5GDLQ8A02/24/2021 23:46
that doesn't work cause they don't near enough people to cover the 70 million shares shorted that are owned by the people they have no leverage they have a fear about going broke they are hoping we sell at 180
no you fixed your bed now its time for you to lay in it


ash***com02/24/2021 23:44
why use words like "coordinated attack"? what's your angle?

Matt02/24/2021 23:50

I’m a smart person and I can see what they’re doing and how they’re manipulating the stock I’m trying to share with you people to educate you, hopefully you see that if you don’t then you shouldn’t be trading


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