Soggy Bottom Boys

01/05/2021 21:36

$JD.com If you bought 1/08 Calls yesterday and DID NOT sell any of your contracts today, youre either New to Options or just Insane!!

Yea, JD can keep going up but if you bought a handful of Calls yesterday, youre up 1,000% - 2,000% in profit! You HAVE to lock in profit especially being up that much!
Yea, maybe leave a Runner but you only have 3 days until Exp! Any slight move downward will destroy Premiums! You also have to factor in Theta as well!!

When youre up that much, lock in profit and get out! You can always get back in with further out Exp!!
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All Comments(5)

diversification 01/06/2021 00:52

Soggy Bottom Boys01/07/2021 22:54

Whats with the laughing? Where are those 1/08 Calls now??? Yup, didnt think youre laughing anymore??


Joe Biden01/05/2021 23:13
yea sold a lot of my jan 100 calls. a bunch were in the money but a lot of ones I got back in Sept were almost worthless. luckily I had bought up some Feb calls too. I went from -1.9k to 2.2k today so had to shed off those calls

Soggy Bottom Boys01/07/2021 22:56

Good job bro!
People were blasting me saying “Nah, dont sell your 1/08 Calls”!
Look where theyre at now.


Tr8der01/05/2021 22:20
How to you see the chart of options price?

Soggy Bottom Boys01/05/2021 22:25

You just double click the Option contract youre looking at.
Are you “approved” by Webull to trade Options? If not, you wont even have access to anything Options related let alone the charts.


Loyal 01/05/2021 21:56
Im in here with ya big dog

Soggy Bottom Boys01/05/2021 22:23

Nice! 💪💪💪💪


Jos***com01/05/2021 21:42
Why do u always come in after the fact do you get in on any of these plays?

Ngu***com01/05/2021 23:36



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