11/11/2020 15:24

$Jumia I believe fare value on JMIA is 1x P/B at $2.58 until they actually have a logical and logistical business plan on their cost analysis for promoting and delivering more goods. Very wishy washy to go along with most of Africa's economy failures to grow e-commerce. You all can be as bullish as you want but the mere fact is this company is depending on a third world Country that has no infrastructure for online shopping and has the 9 lowest rated States for shopping online in the world. A year after its much heralded debut on the New York Stock Exchange, e-commerce start-up Jumia has shut down in three African states, struggled to turn a profit and got dumped by its original owners.
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Biologyboy11/12/2020 08:33
You’ve never been to a single country in africa have you?

JonnyGeo11/12/2020 14:15

Nope! though I had and exchange student from Nigeria live in my home for 5 years and my college roommate was from Zier/Congo in the Diamond mining business who expressed how difficult life was for its population. Don't get me wrong I believe Africa is an untapped Gem though it has many obstacles to overcome before it pulls ahead in its economy or tech revolution. I just don't think anything will really blossom until 2025 in actual growth of tech profits.


Jsmalqw11/12/2020 08:08
My sister works for facebook in Palo Alto and she has to do business trips to Facebooks Nigeria headquarters all the time. I recently went to Morocco and half the chanels were in Japanese (Japan is heavily invested in that region). China is going ALL IN on africa. Africa is also heavy in tech because they have to depend on it to overcome geographic and economic obstacles we dont.

Africa is replacing China as the manufacturer of the world and its always been the hub for natural resources(now more then ever with EV). Thats why China is buying it up. YouRe sleeping on AfricaS Economy as A CONTINENT And youre definitely sleeping on the larger countries within.

Google the moves China is making in Africa and you may thinK different. Thats just one example. Think 2 years out and GROWTH opportunity.....see attached.

You can also trade this in 3 month cycles. This is an easy eR play

Jsmalqw11/12/2020 15:01

Youre dUmb and racist.

JonnyGeo11/12/2020 14:10

That is because its cheap labor in Africa, why wouldn't they its a good move and this quoted: Nine per cent of African children are in hazardous work, again highest of all the world's regions. Africa has the largest number of child labourers; 72.1 million African children are estimated to be in child labour and 31.5 million in hazardous work. Progress against child labour appears to have stalled in Africa.


Chorizo11/11/2020 15:40
What specifically dont you like about the business plan? Africa is a massive continent with both poverty and opportunity and first world aspects. Its in no way a monolith.


Mateo11/11/2020 15:29
Africa isn't a country?

arr***com11/11/2020 15:56

my man goes by someone average wage lol it dont matter if the person makes 1000 a year even kids can order things online stop hating only because you trying to get in at a lower price ✌🤟🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Mateo11/11/2020 15:42

goods are cheaper lol

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alisa11/11/2020 15:26


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