11/19/2020 21:11

$Jumia so many bagholders incoming! If anyone needs a reminder, look what happened in August. Stock got hyped to 22 and fell all the way back down to 7 and stayed down! Same thing is about to happen again. This company is NOT Amazon not even close... the price per share is not justifiable here and completely over extended here.
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All Comments(9)

FiveEleven11/19/2020 23:37

Tripi11/20/2020 01:30

I love that a week ago when citron said NIO was worth $25 not 50 you said citron was a crap firm but now since it fits your narrative they are awesome


JH11/19/2020 22:39
Okay, Well i have room to fall but tons more to grow. I feel like up is the way this is headed


zec***net11/19/2020 21:24
Hey guy, its actually undervalued if you look at the outstanding shares compared to the market cap. Literally trading 101

Jam***com11/20/2020 12:03


Tripi11/19/2020 22:04

Lmao market cap 1.96 billion divided by 81 million outstanding shares = 24.23 lmao Please dont try giving advice when you dont know the fundamentals of investing.

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SWH11/19/2020 21:24
Sounds like you want in and regret waiting until now. Buy at the current price please We know its not Amazon... its 23.00.

Tripi11/19/2020 23:25

Hab you are talking common sense to morons ...... 80% run up since monday on Badly missed earnings.
Quote me this hit $15 by December

SWH11/19/2020 21:44

But if they held ir until now yhwy made money. It recently went down to 11.00, I bought more ...now I’’m sitting on a pretty penny

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Legendary11/19/2020 21:23
ya go with the trend not against cuz some shorts 2 cents


Elijah Joseph11/19/2020 21:16
If you don’t understand how this is different from last time i dont know what to tell you.

Elijah Joseph11/19/2020 21:30

Earnings show they are finally cutting cost, Citron is now bullish on them and they are an e-commerce in a growing economy. Plus fundamentals be damned its just a bullish chart and that will carry it. You can expect a small pullback but 7 is absurd

Gradne11/19/2020 21:24

Whats different this time?

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Tripi11/19/2020 21:13
People are buying on pure fomo , I did in august but sold up a ton before it crashed , Bought in at 7 and sold at 23 today. since people buy on fomo and no DD when it falls its going to be UGLY.

Tripi11/19/2020 21:30

Yeah man it went from 21 to 8 In 6 trading days ..... I think this stock is a value but not worth it now

Hab***com11/19/2020 21:15

Congrats! Once people start selling itll crash hard again Maybe not back to 7 but i think 12-15 Is fair.


Tre***com11/19/2020 21:12
Puts are loaded. Ready to collect πŸ€‘


Legendary11/19/2020 21:12
thanks for the rimender

Hab***com11/19/2020 21:14

Lot of people going to get crushed


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