01/05/2021 08:59

$Jumia SUMMARY DD POST- I personally believe from my own DD that this stock is waaay undervalued... they havent made a profit yet... but they are expanding at a fast rate with the capital they raised a while back... additionally it's developing market so it won't be easy but in my opinion they are on track to be in the same position as mercado libre in South America with a 70B+ market cap compared to the less that 3B here... this will atleast grow to half of their size so about 30B to be safe (so 10x on your money) in the long term given that the overall market in africa for consumer spending is 4 trillion... and in south america it is 4.4 trillion... this is just a summary i didnt want to make this excessively long
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All Comments(5)

Scalping01/05/2021 12:01
Also, are you aware it's spelled "success" haha!? I don't know what sucess is, or why you would plan for that 😂

Eduardo_1201/05/2021 18:02

yes i know how to spell it... i typed this at 3 am before going to bed


Scalping01/05/2021 11:57
Saying they have no competition just isn't true, haha come on

Eduardo_1201/05/2021 18:03

if you read further not just in that article you'll see that they havent been able to establish themselves within the continent


Scalping01/05/2021 11:52
This article is from December 8th, when SP was basically 35 like it is now....the stock is still over-valued at this level. It's at 18 times forward enterprise value-to-revenue. It's growing but faces a lot infrastructure issues and also competition.

I love Jumia, been in and out since $6, and I'm not brave enough to buy puts...but I'm also not buying shares again unless it hits 20s. Good luck to you Sir!

Eduardo_1201/05/2021 18:08

forward enterprise value is a thing that all companies especially in today's market hsve extremely high... people kept saying this about tesla and we all know the trajectory it has been on (all im saying is looking at such a fundamental is null and void in today's market)


Eduardo_1201/05/2021 09:37
oh and i forgot to mention... jumia has no competition... they have had a lot of reluctance towards amazon and alibaba entering the market and they have kept them out


Biologyboy01/05/2021 09:22
If they turn a profit on march 2 lookout

Eduardo_1201/05/2021 09:36

yup 1000% they estimated that they would become profitable by early 2022 or late 2021... if it comes early the stock will boom


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