02/22/2021 13:50

$Coca-Cola The fact that so many people are offended by this just proves that these DEI courses and racism seminars are very necessary. “Try to be less white” means try to identify and let go of behavior/ ways of thinking that are harmful to other races. Just like “try to be less manly” or “macho” would mean try to let go of behavior that harms and stifles women. This is me simplifying but it clearly shouldnt be explained in a webull comment section, just like it shouldn’t be ripped out of its curriculum and posted on the internet as if its a “Get rid of white people” manifesto. Media isolates the phrase away from its context just to trigger and enrage people. Happens everyday with countless hack job stories further dividing us while they profit off of our ignorance and misery. Dont fall for it.

This stock will drop but it wont last. 60 soon to come.
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All Comments(13)

Whistlin' Daisy 02/24/2021 03:25
They literally do not. Lmfao 🤣 You're talking about code switching which is completely voluntary because subconsciously you think you have to do that. When in reality no one gaf as long as your not a cabbage brain all pulling that victim mentality out. No wonder my family immigrated here, we'll take your jobs and do them 10x better.

smi***com02/24/2021 03:41

You dont know what im talking about and i dam sure dont know what youre talking about. lol
KO to 55 soon tho.


Chip Diamond02/23/2021 02:00
The slides should just read “love thy neighbor and stop being an asshole” 🤷🏻‍♂️


Mr. Bob Profits ?️02/22/2021 20:42
of course a black person thinks it's ok 😉🤣


reh***com02/22/2021 19:47
thank you white knight! you're so virtuous to give up your best qualities like being dependable, polite, and on time in the name of wokeness. I definitely see Joe biden Knighting you in the future. you may even get a small piece of wakanda for being such a noble ally.

smi***com02/22/2021 19:51

You mean Black Knight. and Biden aint shit.


BOLL’s deep ?02/22/2021 15:39
If a corporate company sent around a training kit instructing black people how to “be less black”, the world would implode and lawsuits would follow.

smi***com02/22/2021 16:50

They already do it, thats the problem. for example many companies dont allow their black employees to wear their hair natural. They arent being hired as much If their names are Jamal or Keisha but James and Kristin is fine. There is a white washing of the work place that has long been around and these courses are addressing it. Dont take the phrase at face value. instead of try to understand its meaning and purpose.


jay***com02/22/2021 15:36
F*** all that lets get this money!


ilb***com02/22/2021 15:22
by saying "try to be less white" you are implying that all white people act the same. that's what is racist about it.

ilb***com02/22/2021 21:39

"the victimizer cannot become a victim of the action they've committed its a psychological fact" you have absolutely no knowledge of anything if you actually believe that nonsense. the subject is racism not open borders. so how about you stop deflecting because you weirdos do nothing but deflect. see what I did there!

Thomas02/22/2021 19:20

Sorry dude but in america white people cannot feel something is racist against them... the victimizer cannot become a victim of the action they’ve committed, it’s a psychological fact! Look i know there is no convincing you weirdo’s but if you don’t like this leave, i bet you also don’t believe we should have open borders but isnt that the exact reason america was founded? To be a place of refuge for those who need somewhere better? KO’s unable to be racist to white people with privilege.

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hda***com02/22/2021 14:50
Im black and it is racist. I want racism to end everywhere so im going to have to say Im selling the stock.

smi***com02/22/2021 15:14

Do what you gotta do. I am also black and i want racism to end. but It doesnt end with out a lot of hard work. Challenging white people to acknowlegde that they are empowered to make a difference by shifting their mindset is difficult but necessary work.


Jen***com02/22/2021 14:00
Why would you tell anyone how they "should" be? Especially if it's a character trait they were born with and cannot change. that's the problem, and sounds mildly racist.

smi***com02/22/2021 15:28

I hear you and there are still many extreme racists but these courses and seminars are not for them and its important to make the distinction. They are meant for professional critically thinking people who dont realize how their biasas effect others. Its a more of a passive racism and often subconscious. Thats why these training can be so difficult because their being challenged in behavior that they dont even realize they have, nor do they see the effects of it on other races.

smi***com02/22/2021 15:04

This isnt about changing someones skin color. Traits you are born with have nothing to do with this. To reference my earlier analogy, men can’t change the fact that they are men (trans people aside 😅) but they can unlearn behavior and ideas that discriminate against women.

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fra***com02/22/2021 13:56
So fight Racism with Racism is the answer. I don't see that divisiveness working but only creating a bigger divide.

smi***com02/22/2021 14:11

It isnt fighting racism with racism. These companies are recognizing that historically the experiences and opportunities of their white employees (from a systemic pov) have been more favorable than that of their coworkers of other races. These advantages are so ingrained that mist White oeiole dont even notice the privilege. So pharae is less about an individuals whiteness and more about how whiteness exsist systemically and how white people can contribute to a more equal opportunity workplace.


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