02/23/2021 17:53

$Coca-Cola All the people saying they’re selling the stock because they’re white are the exact type of white people the rest of us should strive to Less like and are exactly the kind of white people this video encourages you to be less like. Coke should be proud that they’re purging racist investors while also raising their stock’s value, outpacing the market
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tam***com02/26/2021 07:04
nobody should be told to be any "less" of their skin color. imagine the outrage if they said to try to be less black....racism by any color is still racism.


ilb***com02/24/2021 17:51
no, we all just need to be less like you. 😊


ijustlikebrightcolors02/24/2021 12:50
the amount of people arguing is funny af. so your angry about discrimination..... but yet immediately decide to attack each other further....fueling the same discrimination your so called angry about.

Bri***com02/24/2021 15:37

Your use of the word discrimination showa me you know neither the definition of the word nor what is happening with KO. there is no discrimination involved.


Mar***com02/23/2021 22:44
would you stop buying Pepsi if they said stop acting black. hmmmm?? time to march and riot then.

ilb***com02/24/2021 17:57

they said "try to be less white". explain to me how one acts a certain color.... you can't.

Bri***com02/24/2021 15:40

No one said to stop acting white. The fact that you’re oversimplIfying the situation shows that you have no idea the role that race plays in our country. Maybe you should try therapy...i hear there’s an anonymous support group for peoplel ike you. They meet at night and wear pointy hoods


Bruh02/23/2021 22:42
You are the epitomy of dumb. I wouldn't be surprised if you were dropped on the head ass a baby you dribbling cleft-footed utter knob. Why don't you go to twitter if you're going to spread your lack of intellect.

Bri***com02/24/2021 15:42

Your name is bruh. You prbably live in your mom’s basement and wonder why people keep telling you to stop masturbating in front of your sister. I dont have a twitter but I’d probanly get more followers than you have on parler


Car***com02/23/2021 20:06
im brown and i still sold my stock for their ill-fitting choices.

Bri***com02/24/2021 15:43

I doubt either of you own this stock The price is going up anyway Yall racists and Snowflakes can go elsewhere because CocaCola isnt going anywhere and neither are the profits off of my stocks lmao

Mar***com02/23/2021 22:47

your right on brother. I'm white and if a company told black people to stop acting black. I'd finish them.


No one you should know02/23/2021 19:12
Thats very true very true


ale***com02/23/2021 19:09


Dan***com02/23/2021 18:42
Lol shut up you racist

ilb***com02/24/2021 18:07

Bri***com if you're white then the seminar was about you. you can not say "try to be less white" (which is what the seminar said) without talking about all white people. THAT is what makes the seminar racists. because they are saying an entire race acts the same. Which is not true about any race. racists people come in all colors. just like people who are not racist come in all colors.

Bruh02/23/2021 22:43

you are dumb

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gogoandrewsoto02/23/2021 17:58

Bri***com02/23/2021 18:00

Yes you are


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