09/16/2020 16:53

Pro Trading Secrets: The 3 Most Important Questions ⁉️

Hey y’all, here are three big questions that will further clarify your Why(inevitably leading to your How like strategies, etc.). Once taken care of, all the little details will come to you more easily. And if you don’t know the answers to these, you may be misaligned with your values n’ actions. Which will cause you to self-sabotage your trading without even knowing it 😩. Let’s get into them.

1. Is your current trading actually improving your life? Let’s say you wanted to become your own boss, but you ended up becoming a slave to the market. Working 24/7 just to ‘okay’ money. Instead of doing this(which leads to inevitable burn-out), figure out a way to refine your methods. By hiring a coach, seeking higher education, refining your processes, etc. Figure out a way to integrate trading in your life to let it be an Addition, not something that takes away from who you are ✊🏽.

2. What are you giving up in life that you value because of your current trading? Maybe you value socializing but are currently day trading a lot. Becoming trapped to the screen all day 🤖. You could start trading with others at a firm or switch to a slower swing trading style so you have more time to be social! Or trade with chat rooms/live calls. Create a life where your ‘must-haves’ aren’t compromised and remove everything else.

3. Would you trade the way you are currently if you were going to die in a year? Would you be constantly looking for signals and half-assing your trading education or would you learn how to properly trade? Same goes for the opposite direction. Would this random loss a part of your system be that meaningful in a longer vision with thousands of losses 🤔? Not really. Balance out a sense of urgency with patience by focusing on your process over profits. Ex. Executing your system 80% per week as opposed to Making $1k per day.

Knowing how trading improves your life, what you are giving up from it, and focusing on process-oriented goals allows you to fully lock in to commit to trading. Taking your trading to a level you never knew you could reach 💪🏽. Hope these questions help!

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Elhung16909/16/2020 18:00
I think a lot of us got spoiled in August where anyone who bought Apple or Tesla calls eaily made 1k per day or more. Now that were back to reality we have to stop and think are we really that damn good at trading or did we get lucky?

TradesGiving09/16/2020 19:31

it could be a blessing though-drawdowns are where ppl make or break it

TradesGiving09/16/2020 19:31

for sure mannn-even if someone trades sloppily they probably made a lot of money


way***com09/16/2020 16:58
I mean this one was 11.00. You dont think those guys up there got scammed?


way***com09/16/2020 16:57
They all are mostly scams anyways. Just like a casino

TradesGiving09/16/2020 16:59

only if you don’t put in the work to learn how to trade aha


TexMex806 09/16/2020 16:56
Good stuff bud 👍

TradesGiving09/16/2020 16:59

your welcome 🙏


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$JUST ENERGY im confusedVibelife 09/27/2020 18:14
My investors starter's kit ⭐ building a solid portfolio.⭐ these are all long positions don't day-trade most are losers on Webull who lose money they don't know how to do it. if you're just starting out you don't know either.

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$Ocugen Inc stay away from this one very popular but it's a penny stock probably doing RS its futuretmoore711💾 09/27/2020 13:59
$Sunworks looking good for Monday 🤑🤑 holding 17k shares at 2.41 per shares... down 12k🤭 but still holding this company made me 45k gains on 9/24/20sam***com 09/27/2020 00:53

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