11/10/2020 21:20

$Landcadia Holdings II Inc Here is my suggestion to all those that are complaining that this is taking too long yes it is frustrating but if you’re complaining because all of your money is tied up and you need it to invest elsewhere on things that are obviously moving up then do so but don’t sit here and Say that the stock is shit because all the filings are going in the right direction and it will merge if you’re worried about your contracts because of the dates move them to February and if you really feel that this is shit and just bail out all together but stop ranting and raving the same nonsense it gets old
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vba***com11/10/2020 22:45
As long as the merging process doesn't 100% collasped, I am not a bit worry. What are all you people who keep crying about when is the merger date... are you planning to sell? FYI, many SPACs now don't experienced the same FOMO spike like NKLA anymore. In fact, it might even sell off heavily prior to and after merger date.


Sta***com11/10/2020 21:41
So was the merger pushed back again? Where can i find this info. Thought they just put out recently that it would be by the end of the month?
Thanks in advance for any info

sdr***com11/10/2020 22:13

Of course

Sta***com11/10/2020 21:49


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mit***com11/10/2020 21:34
How can we invest elsewhere if the money is tied up ??

sdr***com11/10/2020 21:42

Have you ever heard of portfolio diversification or funds management? Amateurs... smh

Iwo***com11/10/2020 21:37

Take it out of LCA and go elsewhere


Bagholdingbeast11/10/2020 21:32


dep***com11/10/2020 21:30
How long have you been following this stock? Apparently not long. I have lost count how many times this merger has been pushed back. This was suppose to happen in June. It appears they do not have their s**t together. All signs point to bad management and this stock may never fly. I have heard rumblings that Tillman is actually using the profits from this to prop his failing Landry restaurants (Hence LANDcadia).

sdr***com11/10/2020 22:05

I'll leave you with one thing. Then just do your own DD. But they are already number one in this market and have a strong customer base out of the only state it's legal in so far. Extremely profitable. Revenue up 92% over last year!

dep***com11/10/2020 22:00

The online gambling business is starting to get crowded like the EV sector. Four new ventures just popped up.

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vba***com11/10/2020 21:28
Well said. The everyday nonsense of these fake investors. They seem more like gamblers.


sdr***com11/10/2020 21:27


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