Psychic Day Trades

05/27/2020 09:47

$Luckin Coffee BUY OUT NEWS!! Omg 😱 Did You hear it on CNN??? Only thing the chinese and are sending are our way is more headaches don’t buy into this crap...stay away from LK if you are a smart trader..if it goes to $100 so what...there are plenty if opportunity out there, don’t be fooled twice.
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i soldi05/27/2020 09:57
have you ever heard of a buyout and restructure, could easily be $40 again within 1 year

You’reAdipshit05/27/2020 10:21

Wait a year? what you talking about bro

You’reAdipshit05/27/2020 10:21

Lol do what? 🤨

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TipYourPizzaGuy Jeff05/27/2020 09:54
😂😂😂 psychic my foot
who cares if it goes to 100? lmao my long term pt is 10 so that's something. taking profits along the way, mostly around 4. I'm ok with an easy 100% gain over a week 🤑 anything beyond that is a paid-for speculation


wwwCarbonDioxideRecyclers05/27/2020 09:53
lol im fooled somehow waking up with $100 more overnight?


nem***com05/27/2020 09:51
hear what on CNN? are you talking about the fraud? they cane out and admitted it and fired the employees already. this is huge news because of what has happened with Chinese stocks in the past. this stock is safe. unless I'm missing something??


wwwCarbonDioxideRecyclers05/27/2020 09:50
you are advising against being Inna stock that is making people money right now? good luck in your words having any effect on somebody who has green all up in their portfolio.

Psychic Day Trades07/23/2020 03:04

How did $LK work for ya...Was being a friend since I did a lot of DD on the company and got cursed out😕...My friend was pointing out some old posts..Hope you got out eventually

You’reAdipshit05/27/2020 10:25

Hahah good point Dumb to advise agaisnt a stock Whats the point in hating on it if its printing? Fomo?

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Okie05/27/2020 09:49
aww you must missed out poor baby


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