TipYourPizzaGuy Jeff

05/27/2020 10:00

$Luckin Coffee shorts, cover and tear down this wall so I can sell overpriced calls expiring this week πŸ˜‚
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Missed Op Trader05/27/2020 10:03
I'm learning options, But can't find the answer... Can you sell your calls or puts at any given time or do you hold til it expires?

🌱MoneyMagnet89🌱05/27/2020 10:12

short answer yes u can sell the contracts u bought(calls/puts) at any time regardless of when they expire as long as someone is willing to buy them

🌱MoneyMagnet89🌱05/27/2020 10:11

I think he meant just sell the contracts themselves before expiration

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TipYourPizzaGuy Jeff05/27/2020 10:00
and then buy cheap calls for January or so πŸ‚


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