05/27/2020 10:38

$Luckin Coffee shorts are gonna be hurting for real.
unless traders help them out and sell.
I won't be helping.
we make money on the rise and they do on the dip.
Remember that when u sell.
If you hold you can force them to cover.
They got hurt yesterday and it's looking that way today as well.
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TipYourPizzaGuy Jeff05/27/2020 10:47
same exact pattern as yesterday forming

916****08305/27/2020 10:49

well it didn't dip much yesterday so
really risky to short.
I'm not sure what's happening yet really not trying to lose money.
nature of investing.


PaPaStewySnipes05/27/2020 10:40
lol it will be shorted at open because of this pm action, help your self by locking in profits and doing the same for the ride down

916****08305/27/2020 10:44

yeah risky this did not falter yesterday.
I get it yet not sure I wanna even try that.
Too each his own though.
the nature of investing.


Twitter: Bigpapi_louis05/27/2020 10:40


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