05/27/2020 10:54

$Luckin Coffee Fucking Webull I can’t close my position
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Jimcat05/27/2020 11:01
You up against the pdt rule? I know the first few times i screwed up and didn’t sell with a limit order and then i forgot to click GTC and after hours in their respective fields. Just trying to help out. Hate to see anyone miss out on money.


tht1guy9105/27/2020 10:59
lol blames the app because they dont know the terms they agreed to. lmfao


Stripper401k$05/27/2020 10:58
congrats you're about to make more by not closing!!!!


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$Snap i had to drop this here😂 if you are familiar with wall st bets you would understand 😌 Remeber to always use correct position sizing, if you have an account value of 10000 or more, stick to the traditional 1-2% if youre 4000 and below you can aim for 4-6% it is high but its a good way to grow your account, i see traders in wall st bets make 70k+ just for it to turn into hundreds a month later, with 1-2% you will need to lose 50-100 trades to blow your account. vs if youre risking 20-30% that 3-5 trades to blow your account, And lastly, have a trading strategy that has a win Rate of at least 60%, professional traders aim for 60-70%! Remember that day trading falls under the definition of gambling, only thing is that good traders have an edge over the market and the market has an edge over bad traders! In the long run, good traders always win! I wish everyone good luck this week!

P.S. dont take trade advice from the comment section and never pay for trading signals😌 use that money for your education.

#My Favorite Features on Webull #Options trading Strategies #See trendings on Webull $TESLA $Genius Brands $Ideanomics Inc $XPRESSPA GROUP $NIO Inc. $Aytu BioScience $MicroVision Mahdi G 10/26/2020 02:23
$TESLA Go up or down short term doesn’t matter. Gonna buy more as soon as marKet crashes. I know where money grows long term.tex***com 10/26/2020 08:09
$Muscle Maker Incneed help- why my webull is not showing updated price & chart for today?Vij123 10/26/2020 08:49
$TESLA i just want to break even , the emotional trauma anit it mann . Stevo 10/26/2020 00:54

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