05/27/2020 11:17

$Luckin Coffee If market opens at 930, can i sell before that time, and how?
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Mik***com05/27/2020 11:22
This was a nice view earlier lol

๐Ÿค‘Chinese๐Ÿค‘pump-n-dump05/27/2020 11:30

Good job taking profit ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ always the right option regardless of opinions because at the end of the day you wont hold your head down for being in the green

Dave05/27/2020 11:27

Also got in at 1.39, only 20 shares tho. it was last minute but im glad i got in before the weekend


Vue***com05/27/2020 11:20
Yeah, just press the extended hour section when you sell


๐Ÿค‘Chinese๐Ÿค‘pump-n-dump05/27/2020 11:20
Love it when people help others on here ita what makes this place webull ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Tyl***com05/27/2020 11:19
Yes you can, when you Hit the blue trade tab and set price and volume you wiuld like to sell just beloe that you must enable after hours or it will not sell until market open

i soldi05/27/2020 11:25

around 10 cent drop at open ,if any... been up up up pt. is 3.44

Mik***com05/27/2020 11:20

That being said, is LK expected to be higher or lower at open-mid day than it is now?


Kyle05/27/2020 11:18
Yes create a sell order and hit extended hours buttom at the bottom

Mik***com05/27/2020 11:18



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