05/27/2020 11:31

$Luckin Coffee You couldn’t draw a better chart, or ask for a better opportunity. This massive short squeeze could realistically, and easily push this to $28-$32 in the next 30-45 days. It has a lot, and I mean huge way to go, before these shorts totally cover. Unbelievable!!! Add in some news, an earnings report, the opening of more stores, and Nasdaq giving them an extension to become compliant, and we are back to the old highs, and the fabricated quarter becomes athing of the past, long gone old news. No joke.
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Mychael05/27/2020 11:57
sec is going to make an example out of lk by letting all the other chicom know that they have to play by the rules. in all of the history, no company don't got shut down with a fake earnings report. look up Broadcom and Enron for example.

you can make some money right now while it lasts until delisting.


i soldi05/27/2020 11:43
also buyout could bring instant gratification...$7+😃😉


Sultan05/27/2020 11:34
I like how you said that!


TipYourPizzaGuy Jeff05/27/2020 11:34
that's why I'm only selling half if it hits my short term pt. a bunch of free shares worth 10+ each would be nice ^^


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