01/09/2021 02:40

$LM Funding if you are day trading penny stocks, give the "stop buy method" a try. just leave a stop buy order right above the highs for the day and if the stock ends up going parabolic you will catch it on the upswing through resistance and right into the new support. I could give tons of examples where this works beautifully. premarket movers are good for this too. just leave an order above the premarket high and forget about it.
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El Troubador01/09/2021 02:48
And where do you find the Stop Buy option?

LUDASHIMANE01/09/2021 02:50

well it depends on which brokerage you're using. im guessing you're using webull. it is pretty simple to find when you open an order. right where the other order types are like market, limit, stop sell, stop buy, etc....


Siri 01/09/2021 02:46
it works if u don't have to deal with the pdt rule. like me I jave to so u live with the hope that it goes up.
ure point is really good though

LUDASHIMANE01/09/2021 02:49

yea I guess that makes sense. I try not to over trade either way. make a few good trades each week instead of trying to trade every single day. I typically only mess with large cap/bluechip tickers so this is not as much of an issue for me as I swing them for a few months-years and scalp around the core position for extra profits. selling covered calls and cash secured puts is my bread and butter. penny stocks just for fun every now and again. deff not my primary strategy at all.


newbie01/09/2021 02:43
that seems like a good strategy when matched with DD

newbie01/09/2021 02:47

thanks for the tip and good luck 👊

newbie01/09/2021 02:46

I wouldn't think you would, just added for anyone else reading

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