Mr. Blue

01/09/2021 03:56

$LM Funding This company, LM Funding (LMFA) filed to create its own blank check company, LM Acquisition, which wants to bring a fintech company public. Fintech companies are on fire. This new blank check company is not currently trading yet, so of course the price would rise for LMFA. As a bonus, once the offering in consumated, this company, LMFA, will own 20% of the issued and outstanding stock belonging to LM Acquisition. So yes, the price *should* be higher than it is now by Monday pm. Once LM Acquisition merges with the Fintech company of its choice after raising $75M, this company, LMFA, will own 20% of its stock... depending on how well the merger goes, and how “hot” the fintech company is, LMFA *should* rise even more. That’s the best way I can explain it.
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Deedles01/09/2021 17:27
great DD thank you


jay01/09/2021 16:06
thankyou for your Dd,
I simply followed volume..
and huge volume don't lie...


Metascript01/09/2021 14:40
So yeah LMFA should be 20% of the market cap. RN LMAO we know lmao and 10 a share so lmfa should be 2

Noahk01/10/2021 01:40

Thats not how market cap works bud

Kpc***com01/09/2021 15:11

Thanks Mr. Blue. Also, the $2+ x shares of new company + currenct value of LMFA—-not just $2.

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SIEGE01/09/2021 12:47
So awesome man! So basically what your saying is that this ticker will stay LMFA and they will make a new ticker LMAO That will be aquired by a fintch company? This isnt a garunteed $10 stock but it should go up quite a bit...


c92101/09/2021 05:27
bought in at 1.50 but with unsettled funds. I'm worried I won't be able to make a sale on Monday cause GFV. Help me?

Mhammer33301/10/2021 01:19

Take the gfv webull gives you like 5 strikes and then only settled funds.

Stonkstreet Investor01/09/2021 16:03

I'm accidentally in the trading only with settled funds boat and can't complain too much. it is now impossibly to get a GFV on a cash account and I am able to day trade with all the settled funds only then I wait for the funds to settle.

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JAMAR1TR8DR01/09/2021 04:22
awesome DD! thank you for taking the time to share...seems like I'm getting in on the second floor but from what I just read, this stock holds a lot of potential! Way to break it down💯


WolfofWallStreet01/09/2021 04:10
Great 👍


Reelio’s01/09/2021 04:05
Thank for your DD.

Mr. Blue01/09/2021 04:07

Happy trading 😎


victorbellatrix01/09/2021 04:04
ur a King 👑

Mr. Blue01/09/2021 04:06

Just your friendly neighborhood trader. I am going to start researching many stocks and try to clear the air as best I can for folks.


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