It's Lit 🎻Red Money🎻

01/09/2021 17:16

$LM Funding I know somebody who's in this stock who asked me to size up the situation because he says the shorts are trying to scare everybody the truth is 12 mil free float flipped over at least 10 times yesterday that means that the majority of the people holding are in it in the two and $3 range don't let nobody fool you there's no shares available keep it that way at this thing will run
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4thefunof.it01/09/2021 17:58
thank you sir. 😁 lol. hope all is well over your way.

It's Lit 🎻Red Money🎻01/09/2021 18:08

read my posts killing it shorting apple 3 to 5 times a day


Mqg***com01/09/2021 17:27
this isn't the new SPAC ticker LMAO. when it debuts ( if it debuts) LMFA the parent company will have a %20 stake. the other %80 will be institutional investors who buy the offering and retail investors that buy after it goes public.
if they raise 500 million, this should be around 100 million market cap. it might touch 4 or 5 but 10 isn't going to happen imo

It's Lit 🎻Red Money🎻01/09/2021 17:33

none of that matters only the current situation matters lmao


GrahamsDevil 01/09/2021 17:21
yes sir accumulation is maxed. people are holding


Sansa01/09/2021 17:20
check the chart if you can read it. Last time it spiked was June. Lots of bag holders

GrahamsDevil 01/09/2021 17:34

you don't know ow how to read a candlestick do you? lol

It's Lit 🎻Red Money🎻01/09/2021 17:27

many already sold at a loss or averaged down since then lol

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