01/11/2021 22:50

$LM Funding The most asked question i received on the last weekend is "what do you think about LMFA?" I told everyone to lock profits at 4am and only trade the momentum by just buying dips. in fact I told all new traders NOT TO ENTER and only paper trade it as it is an interesting case of FOMO that many traders on Webull were hyping. anyways my point here is that trading can be brutal so be careful chasing!!! consider Swing trading if you are new ! I scalped this one at 4- 430 and made close to 15% and then locked profits.

Good luck all if you are holding, and I hope that everyone made money from this one ✌✌✌✌
LM Funding-0
LM Funding-1
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All Comments(20)

Where’sWaldo@01/12/2021 00:43
I’m new to this but really appreciate the heads up, good practice with paper trading on $LM Funding, keep them coming!!


AshleyRabbit01/12/2021 00:38
Your advice saved me money and I want everyone to know!

I had a market order in for the opening today and canceled.

I put it in Bitcoin when it hit 30 Instead. (My own choIce)

Thank you!!! Sound advice!!!

Impatient Trader01/12/2021 01:06

good job

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/12/2021 00:39



che***com01/12/2021 00:04
I already sent my email to you but haven’t received back from you.

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/12/2021 00:04

gmail limit my responses to 2k emails per day 😑


Womps01/11/2021 23:55
what about long term holding?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:58

maybe with the right entry, see it consolidating at a level then do that if you think this is the company


Beau277801/11/2021 23:48
Hi, I sent my email to you early morning today, but I haven’t received any email from you yet. What should I do? Thank you

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:51

please wait the email received extraordinary amount of emails and I am only allowed to do 2k replied per day. will reply tomorrow once the restriction is lift i will send replies


CjJohnWynn01/11/2021 23:33
I didn't touch it. woohoo


Jenetic23 01/11/2021 23:28
You were right. The first hour of the premarket, the highest was $4.70. After that it was slowly going to the down trend. Thanks.


Bolnoi01/11/2021 23:28
stock Can you please tell me your input about $Tesla.. ive entered kinda high $860.. Any ideads please

425****50001/11/2021 23:40


Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:36

its high ! historically tesla went from 400 to 850 before last year before the split , then it went down to 600s before boosting to 900-1k , im not suggesting that but tesla is way overbought and it needs a correction

View all 3 replies


Alto Rendimiento01/11/2021 23:27
Im screw for now.. in at 3.8 and i could keep averaging down but i dont know how long it would take to go Up 4.. Ill be holding with the boat

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:35

I hope you are not , I really do!


Quick Money01/11/2021 23:24
How about SOS?

Quick Money01/11/2021 23:41

My entry Is 2.87?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:37

depends on your entry, if around the direct offering it might be good


W.S Bull01/11/2021 23:18
I should have listened to your gmail alert, it hurts I bought in the pre market now I have almost a 50% loss 🤒

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:40


jos***com01/11/2021 23:12
ISO- what say you? please!


G Train01/11/2021 23:08
I second this! Saw it in the email! Absolute legend


pau***com01/11/2021 23:05
You are insanely accurate in your calls, congratulations your studies must be very good, im going to start tomorrow as i decide to do i will give you 10% of every penny i make from your calls its the minimum I can do for the job you’re doing spending hours studying the charts and everything. I’m also studying a lot by myself so i can understand better what I’m doing .

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:08

studying by yourself is the best of course ✌ thanks for the note


Ebau01/11/2021 23:03
With that being said, what do you think the chance are of a recovery ?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/11/2021 23:11

there is a chance to test 2.5-2.7 , if it goes beyond there is a chance of recovery yes but too many day traders hurted this one


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